Ladies & gentlemen! Boys & girls! Welcome to the Main Event. A card game of body slams, suplexes, & hardcore wrestling action.

The Main Event is setup for 2-5 players & takes 30-60 minutes to play depending on how many people decide to mix it up. It will be the first game published in 2015 by Royal N. Games.

In the Main Event players will pick one of five professional wrestling characters: Ultra Mean Warrior, Hillary Shank, Danny DeGuido, Jim Wratt, & Senor Juan DeFul. Each of these characters comes with their own base deck of 12 cards, a character card, damage counter, & damage marker.

After all players choose their characters they will place them in the center of the table. Each player will then randomly choose an initiative token to see who will play first.

Each player will shuffle & draw four cards from their deck. They will choose two cards placing them in the order they want played, face-down, from left to right under their damage counter. Each player will discard the rest.

Starting with player one, each player will reveal the card on their left. Once all players have played their action on their left then they will reveal & take their action on the right. After all cards have been played each player will discard them into the cards respective discard pile. Then each player will draw a card from the Main Event deck. The player with the most damage may draw two cards.

Each player then returns their initiative token to the table. All this will repeat until one person is knocked out. That player is eliminated from play & the highest number initiative token will also be removed. Play then continues with the remaining wrestlers until one man is left standing.

In a 3-5 player game it is a free-for-all rumble with flying dropkicks, elbow drops, & flying folding chairs. Things, though, happen to change in a 2-player game. Their is a referee that joins the fray.

Each player will start the game by randomly drawing a “special” card & placing it to the left of their damage marker. Then each player will draw an initiative token. The player that drew the #1 initiative token gets the Ref seated to the right of them. When the Ref takes four or more damage in a turn he is knocked out. He’ll remained knocked out until the beginning of the next turn. He’ll reset & penalize the player that knocked him out by taking away one of their actions for that round.

Now I like this game & have played it many times. This is one of those games where once you play the faster the game goes. I like the back & forth bashing of each character.

In this game you have “movement” cards where your wrestlers can switch positions with the other wrestlers on the table. This forces you to attack all around the table. Changing your position can be very useful later on in the game. This will help you skirt around getting knocked out too quickly.

There are many different usable cards in this game. There are weapon cards, cards that allow you to heal, ones that allow you to steal weapons, even ones that allow you to stun or even poison an opponent. There are several good combos in this game that allow you to do more damage when special cards & weapon cards are added to a character.

Now I recommend in a beginners game to use a variant rule that I created. In my group we have found that if you draw ten cards from the Main Event deck & each player drafts two cards adding to their base deck the game will go faster.

I have played many wrestling card games in my life & it is the third wrestling game I have reviewed. I have really enjoyed this game because it actually makes you guess if your opponent is going to attack, move, or try to block.

I’m not much for the the artwork on the cards so I’m hoping that the art will change in the future. And the lid for the box can be turned upside down & placed into the center of the table to be used to hold the initiative tokens.

As the folks at Royal N. Games say, “Lets get ready to shuffle!”

So what’cha gonna do when the Main Event comes for you. Game on!

-Christopher Richer
Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW