Hear ye, hear ye! Come one, come all. Please gather round. Yes, gather round as I must tell you about a game coming to something called Kickstarter.

Ah, sounds like some you do to your mule to get it moving. But never mind that. This game coming to Kickstarter is called “Bill Shakespeare is Dead” by Brikenbrak Games & yes it shows that the “Bard” is truly dead.

The worlds greatest playwright would either be proud or rolling over in his grave. I would think the man from Stratford-upon-Avon would be happy that we have taken some of his greatest works & turned them into something silly. I mean he did write “The Merry Wives of Windsor”.

“Bill Shakespeare is Dead” is a party game for five or more players ages 15 years & older. The contents of the game include a deck of cards made up of nouns & verbs, a deck of character cards representing the characters in some of William Shakespeare’s greatest works, script cards for the plays, & a stage book for the producer.

In “Bill Shakespeare is Dead” at the beginning of the game all players will draw 5 cards from the noun & verb deck. Like in games such as “Mad Libs” & “Cards Against Humanity” these cards will be used to fill in the blanks as the game goes on.

Then all players will randomly draw a character card. Character cards will give special abilities to players to use during the course of the game. An example would be stealing cards from other players.

At the start of a round or scene one person will be chosen as the producer & two players will be given the roles of the actors in the scene. The performers will then begin to read from the script.

As the performers read they will encounter blank spaces. These spaces will be filled in by the other players. The producer will yell out noun or verb. Players are to yell out what card they feel would be best for the line. If the player did not have their word picked then they are to discard that card & draw another. Players should always have five cards.

Now for scoring points in the game. Some of the acts have hints on who should be chosen as the scene winner. The winner will read out the final monologue & keep the card for final scoring at the end of the day. Also players who had their cards picked get one point, stage manager gets four points, & the winning act gets five points.

Scoring during the game is not needed. You can just have a blast playing. But let’s face facts, it is a game & we all know that someone wants to be the winner.

I have played this several times & I can tell you I have had a blast. But I also play games like “Cards Against Humanity” with some of the funniest & raunchiest people I know. This game lines up perfectly with a good dirty mind.

If Shakespeare was still alive he would be joining in belting out silly & raunchy lines from his own works. The Bard would be proud of creator Paul Cosca for doing right by his writings.

If you a looking for a game to make you laugh for your dirty minded friends that say they can act then this game is for you.

‘Carpe diem’ & game on!

-Christopher Richter
Twitter: @boardgaming_FTW