Yesterday, October 4th, 2015 a group of six gathered their fleets to face each other in the Fantasy Flight pre-release of wave II for their game Star Wars: Armada. The name of the event: A Massing at Sullust. They met at their FLGS Beyond the Board in Dublin, Ohio & also the store I work at.

All the new ships sat upon a table in plain view of all players beckoning to each one.  Each player participating wondered if one of the new ships from wave II might become part of their collection after the event. I know I wanted the Rogues & Villains expansion.

The players set up & were ready to go. It was time for the event to get underway. In the first round all Rebel fleets were matched up against Imperial fleets. It would be new player Duncan vs Christopher (me), Drew vs. Kozi, & new player Nick vs. Stefan. Tournament organizer Rhett, store owner, told us to start & we were off.

The first round was pretty close with the margin of victory for each of the battles. Duncan would have pounded my Rebels with his Imperial fleet if he hadn’t flown off the table at one point. At the end of the battle between Drew & Kozi; Drew flew his Mark II off the edge of the galaxy. And the battle between Nick & Stefan didn’t even get to the end of six rounds. Round one was over & set with Duncan, Kozi, & Stefan as victors.

Everyone took a quick break between rounds. Pairings were made & announced: Kozi vs. Duncan, Drew vs. Nick, & Stefan vs. Christopher. We had two mirror matches between the Rebel fleets & the Imperial fleets. The match up between Drew & Nick was Rebel vs. Imperial.

The second round saw Kozi destroying one of Duncan’s Gladiators in one-shot while I flew my Rebel fleet in a complete circle around Stefan’s Rebel fleet. Unfortunately the objective we were playing was for mission tokens & Stefan took me to task with one more than myself. Then we had the match up between Drew & Nick. Nick was able to squeak out a two point win over Drew. At the end of the second round we clearly had two undefeated players; Kozi & Stefan.

While we wound down between the second & third rounds Kozi & Stefan started to build their special 400 point fleet to play in the finals. Kozi stayed with the Imperials as Stefan stuck with the Rebel Alliance. Drew would face off against myself, so we had another Rebel vs. Rebel match up. Then with Duncan & Nick playing we had yet again another Imperial fleet vs. Imperial fleet.

The third & final round started. Drew had been flying an almost all stripped down fleet with two Corvettes, a Nebulon-B, an Assault Frigate Mark II, & a swarm of X-Wings & A-Wings. I had been flying a Nebulon-B, a Mark II, & a stripped down Corvette with a few fighters. It was probably my favorite match of the tournament. Ours was the first to finish with me winning by one point.

Nick & Duncan were the next to finish with Nick dominating Duncan’s Imperil fleet. Their margin of victory close to 200 points. Both were new players to the game. Nick had only played for half an hour during a lunch break & this was Duncan’s second time overall playing the game. They really enjoyed playing & both stated that they would be coming back to play either casually or in our store tournaments.

Kozi vs. Stefan went to time. Kozi put a hurting on Stefan’s Rebel fleet with the new massive Imperial-class Star Destroyer. They both said that the Imperial-class Star Destroyer was a little over powering but it was fun to play with the newest models in wave II.

We cleaned up & waited for the results. Kozi ended up coming in first play. With Nick’s victory over Duncan his overall point victory surpassed Stefan with him coming in second place. Stefan had placed third with Duncan. Drew came in fourth with Duncan & myself coming in last.

I might have lost but I had a ton of fun. I play Star Trek Attack Wing from Wizkids but Star Wars: Armada is such a fun fleet battle game. I can’t wait to jump into the store championship when we have it.

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @boardgaming_FTW