I love playing all types of games from cards to video games. But when it comes to board gaming I love playing retro style games. Games that haven’t been published in decades. Ones that players have forgotten about. Modern gamers look back at older games & kind of scoff at the thought of actually playing a game that is over twenty or so years old.

Well, this has been my thing for many many years. And yes people as me if I want to become bored when I take out the old Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers board games. Seriously folks, retro gaming is something us gamers should respect because without some of these older ideas the newer designer games probably would never have come about.

With that said, my last retro Monday at Beyond the Board, I just recently moved from Dublin, Ohio to Ruskin, Florida; my buddy Tim brought in a few games from his youth. One was Dungeon, which actually just got a new printing last year by Wizards of the Coast. The other game was an interesting mix between playing a maze & Battleship. IMG_20151012_141549356

Tim told me the concept & I though it sounded really cool. I was never really into Battleship as a kid & as an adult I’m still not into it. However the idea did sound rather interesting. So I told him to go ahead & set it up.

Basically this 2-player game is set up just like Battleship where the two main player boards are divided by a screen to make sure each player isn’t peeking at each others maze. Each player will also receive a handful of small rectangular walls that they need to place to build their maze. After each player finishes their maze they are to put a small plastic piece into one of the corridors so your opponent can try to find it. I like to think of the plastic piece as a hidden idol that each explorer is looking for.

Now when I played I would place the small plasic piece at the end of one of the corridors to make it a little harder to find. My buddy Tim would build a slightly more open room & place it in the room somewhere. Building the maze just depends on your imagination.

Now after everyone is finished setting up the maze, each player will then take the extra player board they are given & use it to mark the maze that they will be moving through on their opponents side of the table. So the way it works is again like Battleship except you have to start the maze in one of first sections mark A1 through F1. Once in you can call the spaces to enter into from A1 to F6. You continue calling spaces out until you hit a wall then it is your opponents turn. Then your opponent does the same thing.

Now each time you move you will mark where you have been on your extra board & on the maze you built you will mark where your opponent has been. This way you know exactly where you are in your oppoenents maze & where your opponent is in your maze. The first person to make it to the hidden idol wins the game.


The game probably takes all of twenty-five to thirty minutes to play the game. There really isn’t much setup time & in my opinion it was fun just making the maze.

This little gem from 1977, which was originally called Sniff in 1974, is a fun little game to play & more than likely I will be playing it again at some point. I know I am going to try to find it at a flea market or at a thrift store. Make a path for Pathfinder in your game collection & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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