Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages! Welcome to the elbow dropping, chair throwing, body slamming, taco eating colorful world of El Luchador Fantastico Grande.

A game created by Al Caynes and published by Senyac Games, that is set up for 2-6 players or you can pair up to make tag teams. Object of the game is to knock out your opponent while keep the championship belt.

In El Luchador Fantastico Grande you have a choice of six colorful professional wrestlers:

Mr. Big Businessman, the man who started it all. He decided to open El Luchador Fantastico Grande because he was bored of being a used car salesman.

Red Explosion, the first of three female wrestlers. A wrestling goddess driven by her fiery passion to win the championship belt.

The Elusive Unicorn, is a dream among dreams. She is feared for her speed and agility in the ring.

Mother Russia, a former KGB who is not afraid to “crush” you for a shot at the title belt.

Super Massive Evil Guy, whose evil knows no bounds. He has enter El Luchador Fantastico Grande to steal away the company from Mr. Big Businessman.

Captain Mexico, a wrestler by day and a superhero by night. His quest is to stop Super Massive Evil Guy at all costs.

Each wrestler has their own little back story and even there own special ability.

The components for this game are: four 6-sided dice, six 20-sided dice, six wrestler cards, thirty-six action cards, and one El Luchador Fantastico Grande championship belt card. Senyac Games has added a few sticker sheets in the game box to customize the dice that come with the game.

Once every player decides on a wrestling persona the game begins with everyone drawing one action card and rolling a 6-sided die to see who goes first. Winner starts off with the championship belt card. Each wrestlers health starts off at 20. And you have a hand limit size of 2.

The active wrestler draws one action card, or if you are at your hand limit of two cards you may discard one or both to draw up to that many. Then the player rolls the four 6-sided dice. You must have a complete set or a mix set of three 1’s and 2’s to deal damage. 3’s and 4’s are misses. While 5’s and 6’s heal you. Good news! You may make up to two re-rolls.

If you happen to be the one holding the title you can tack on an extra one damage however the draw back is that you can not heal while holding the belt. Oh and you just happen to be the target of every other wrestler out there.

Example of play: Mr. Big Businessman first rolls 1, 2, 3, 5. He decides to keep the 1 & 2. He re-rolls the 3 & 5 coming up with a 2 & 6. He keeps the 2 and adds them up with the extra one from the bonus that the title gives him. This adds up to six points of damage to his opponent. Now his opponent can play action cards to reverse the damage done or to heal. Mr. Big Businessman can always play action cards to also reverse things or deal additional damage.

Now if this was reversed and the champion was dealt damage at the end of his turn he can decide to hand over the championship to his opponent. This can help in healing on your next turn.

I played a 2-player game with a friend of mine & it probably took no more than 15 minutes each time we played. I’m sure that it’ll take around 30-45 minutes for a larger group of players. Both of us agreed that this reminded us a little of King of Tokyo. Only in the way you roll and match the dice and can not heal if you are the one everyone is gearing up to attack. At first we played not using the special abilities of the wrestler. Then we played with the wrestlers special abilities. Using the abilities does help depending on who you pick.

There are free-for-all rules. This is just like the 2-player version just with more people gunning for the champion. You just have to eliminate everyone to keep a tight grip on the title.

Then there are tag team rules where you team up with another player. I am definitely going to try this out on game night because it basically goes back and forth among players and your tag team partner can heal you or you basically can double team using action cards that deal additional damage.

I like the idea that you can only decide on what you want to do, heal or damage an opponent. The four 6-sided dice does limit you on what you get. Then there are action cards that can help change a die roll or can steal away action cards from your opponent.

Let me tell you, having action cards help. Several times my friend beat me by stealing my cards or reversing what I was doing. So being able to keep a few cards in hand helps.

It is a good little filler game. I love the artwork and the mechanics are pretty sound. I love rolling dice. And the artwork is awesome. The colors and characters remind me of watching AAA or CMLL events. Art is done by, Frantz Kantor.

I would like to thank Al Caynes for sending me a copy of this wonderful game. I will be carrying this with me every time I go to my local game shop.

I know that kids and fans of professional wrestling will enjoy this game as you can probably create entire events for a fun filled night.

If you are interested you can follow @SenyacGames on Twitter as they are demonstrating it at PAX Australia at the moment.

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW