Before I made my move from Dublin, Ohio to the Tampa Bay area here in Florida in October; I visited my favorite local game store, Beyond the Board, one last time. It was a pretty sad day for myself as I had not only been going to the store for a year and a half but I had also been working there since April of this year.

I spent one last Friday night playing games with as many people as I could. And of course I stopped by the register one last time to buy some games & accessories for my journey to my new home in the south.

I will say that whenever I get a chance to review an accessory I will because most of the time I just review games that I either pick up or games that anyone has sent to me, new or old.

One of the accessories I picked up at the time was a brand new insert from The Broken Token. It was their take on an insert for one of my favorite games Rio Grande Games or Z-Man Games know as Carcassonne.

I will give you a little background on my love for Carcassonne. When Big Box 5 came out I had to purchase it. Why? Well, it came with all kinds of expansions & I thought why waste my time trying to find certain expansions when they came in one big box.

So the Carcassonne Big Box 5 comes with one horrible plastic insert, which I threw away immediately. It didn’t have nearly enough room for all the expansions that I had already purchased. So I just used boxes from the Count, King, & Robber expanson, Princess & the Dragon expansion, & The Tower expansion to hold everything I had inside of Big Box 5.


Then a smile was brought to me face as I heard the announcement from The Broken Token  that they were making an insert for Carcassonne. After a short celebration I made sure to put in for an extra order.

I’ve been in Tampa for just over a month & I’m finally getting some games out of storage. So I felt that this was the night to break open & put together those inserts I purchased for my Big Box. Each one of the inserts took no longer than fifteen minutes to put together.

Now people I know say that they like to use wood glue to put inserts from The Broken Token together. Let me say that teach tab popped together nice & easy. So no problem keeping them together.


As you see from the photo above there is a two inch gap in between the two inserts & a gap about two inches wide at the top. It falls just short of two inches. To keep the inserts from sliding I stuck the mini expansion, which fit perfectly, up the middle & I have my Carcassonne checklist rolled up & placed in the gap at the top.


The trays can be removed from the insert which makes it easy to pass around. There is more than enough room to place the different meeples, tower pieces, & tiles in. The only gripe I had was that there is no room for the tower so I just unfolded it & place it on the top of the inserts with the instructions, Wheel of Fortune board, & score board.


I can’t wait to keep collecting what comes out for Carcassonne since I have room for everything now. I do have the hard to find Carcassonne Catapult but I have no immediate intent in using it so it is still factory sealed. But if I did use it I could actually place it at the top.

If you have a love for organizing & especially for the game of Carcassonne then you can purchase the insert here: Carcassonne Insert

Remember to keep organized, keep scoring your meeples, & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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