After I moved to Tampa last month I was sent a family friendly card game with a very familiar CCG (collectible card game) feel. The game being Wild Wars: Family Battle.

Wild Wars: Family Battle is a card game for two to four players & each game varies in time. It can be played by players six years & older.

Now my CCG days go back to the early days of Magic: The Gathering in 1994. The people at my favorite local game store, Beyond the Board, would call me “The Master of CCGs” because I own & have played dozens upon dozens of collectible card games.


The story behind Wild Wars: Family Battle is that man no longer controls nature & those that are still around have formed clans to survive. Each of these clans are now allied with the five kingdoms of animals: Land Sea, Underground, Forest, & Sky. You the player discover a new territory but other members of your clan want to take it from you. The elders of the clan agree that the dispute must be solved by having clan members face each other in a battle of animal versus animal. You must take control of the animals you are allied with & command them in battle to win control of the discovered land.

Basic object of the game is to be the first one to score ten points or more. If you are playing with a novice this is a great way to start a learning game. Plus you can set the score to a higher value for longer game play. Or a player can win by having the most points after 10 rounds. I recommend setting the point value to twenty points.

First things first. Wild Wars Family Battle is meant to be played as a standalone deck that is a communal deck for everyone to share.

Now I have played this both ways & I enjoy each. Communal play is really random because all five colors are bound to show up in your hand or at least you hope so.

At the beginning of the game each player will draw eight cards. Then decide who goes first.

At the beginning of each players turn they will reset any card, animal or food, from its exhausted state. Then that player draws a card. After drawing that player may play one Food Source card.


Food resource cards are exhausted when harvested to commit animal or object cards if you have expansions. Once you have an animal card on the field it is confused for that turn unless it has the “Rush” ability. Any animal that is not confused may attack the opposing player.

Some animals in the game have special abilities. Such as “Rush” as I mentioned before. This gives that animal the ability to attack the turn they are played. Other abilities are overpower, burrow, lethal, flying, & hide.


Attacking, defending, & overpower attacks will gain players points towards their goal of winning. For example an attacking player will add an amount of points for each point of damage dealt to an opponent or the defending player will gain a point for successfully defending against all attackers.

Once committed to an attack the other player may commit animals to defend. Any animal that is unfortunate enough to lose a battle will be added to their controlling player’s Boneyard.

After the battle the attacking player may then add additional animals if they still have enough food sources to harvest. If there is nothing additional that player passes turn to the next player.

This goes back & forth until one player reaches the points they need for end game. Victory is theirs.

The base set also includes token cards which you can cut from the card. I like the idea of being able to mark what has been used instead of constantly turning them. Wish more card games did this.


There are several expansions being offered to go along with the game. One of which I received along with the base game. It is the Basic Object expansion. It adds in a few more animals, some basic food sources, & objects such as Poison Spears & Boulders.


These objects can really change how battles are won & lost. They are great for countering.

The other expansions are Ultimate Object expansion which adds a variety of additional objects. And the third expansion adds fifty additional cards to make the game playable for up to five to six players.

If interested you can visit the Wild Wars game website here: Wild Wars Game. They have pricing information, a basic game tutorial, information on the artwork, & other interesting tidbits.

Wild Wars Family Battle uses real world animals, so no sci-fi or fantasy driven creatures. They also have a really unique QR code system located at the the left of each card. If you scan the QR code it’ll give you information of that particular card.

In my opinion this game could be used as a stepping stone directly into the realm of other more complex collectible card games out there. It seems simple but decisions can be difficult when deciding on who to attack with or who to keep for defense.

Wild Wars Family Battle goes live November 27th, 2015 & will be running a special Black Friday promotion.

Check it out, enjoy the holidays, & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW