Last year I had become totally enthralled by one particular game published by Gamewright called Sushi Go! that I could hardly wait for their expansion called Soy Sauce to come out.

I was happy to find out that yes, maybe I can get it without any problem. I went to my favorite local game store to let the owner know where he could pick some up. His wife and daughter love the game. Even my friends were waiting for this expansion.

The day it appeared on Board Game Geek I had to purchase it. $6 for an expansion to make a game that much more better is a bargain. I mean I have spent much more money on expansions and it just seems to drag a game down. So a few days went by and it was in my mail box.

I didn’t even wait to take it home, I went directly to the game store with it to show it off. The owner was also very excited to try it out. So we gathered a few gamers and busted out Sushi Go!.


What to expect with the Soy Sauce expansion? Well, you get four additional cards all with cute little artwork of filled soy sauce bottles. These additional cards give you four extra points if and only if you have the most colors of any player.

When we started playing I was asked if there were that many different colors in the game. And the answer is, “yes.” With the addition of the soy sauce cards that takes the total colors from seven to eight.

What is the best strategy for playing with the Soy Sauce expansion? Easy enough really. In a 2-player game make sure that when you do come across the soy sauce card that you don’t let it pass you by more than three times. At least that is what I figured. If you grab it too early then your opponent is going to try and gather up as many colors as they can. And in a 3-5 player game you may want to grab it right away or hope there is a second one in some other player’s hand. Oh, another great strategy is to grab it using chopsticks and hopefully you can grab it with a color you don’t have.

If you are trying to prevent an opponent from gathering the points up for it you are going to have to count colors every round on your their side of the table. Pay attention to all the colors that are being passed around. We noticed that even one round where a person gets the soy sauce can make a difference.

The game is still a lot of fun. I bring it out every time I go to my local shop and everyone really enjoys playing the game. It just helps to put a little extra thought into playing the game now that an expansion has been added.

Both the game of Sushi Go! & the Soy Sauce expansion would make a great stocking stuffer for this Christmas. BGG sends their merchandise out pretty fast so you will be able to get it in time for Christmas day. You can find it here: Soy Sauce Expansion.

Enjoy Sushi Go! by adding some soy sauce to the mix & game on!

-Christopher Richter
Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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