Most of my reviews are done on games already out or soon to be available by publishers or ones that are Kickstarter projects. But every now & then I’ll receive a product in the mail to review.

This particular review is all about a cool little product I received about a week ago.  It is a interesting little deck box from Chris Nichols called the Card Caddy. It is made of a hard durable plastic. So I thought I would put it to some tests.

The first test I put it through was a weight test. I placed it on the ground a stood on it. Now I weigh somewhere between 175 & 180 pounds so it had a bit of pressure on it. The only thing the box did was bend a little. No visible damage to the deck box.

Test number two was to see how durable the card caddy was by dropping it from certain distances. The highest I dropped it was around four feet on regular wood flooring & the on carpeted floor.  No visible damage with this type of test.

The deck boxes closes nice & tight but it has two holes on either side of the case. If it was fully solid then in my opinion it would be waterproof. Other than that it passed all my physical tests completely.

Then I tested it on various games. It carries the regular 52-card playing set perfectly. This is great to keep your deck of cards protected & with one side converting to a discard pile holder you will never have to figure out where you have to place your discards.


This has been a problem for some card players for years. I like having a dedicated area as my discard pile when I play Magic: The Gathering. The basic Card Caddy will carry 60 or so M:TG cards & will keep your discard pile firmly placed to the side of your main deck.


Now you can purchase the Card Caddy for $5.99 in a variety of colors at Narrows Hill Games website. Also available through their site is a limited edition Card Caddy deck of playing cards or if you wanted you could even buy a 5-pack of the Card Caddy itself.

Watch for Narrows Hill Gaming on Kickstarter in 2016 as they are set to launch a campaign for their double & triple decker boxes with a variety of accessories. You can preview their Kickstarter video here: Card Caddy Kickstarter.


The only complaint is that it will only hold up to thirty sleeved cards. Would be great for Friday Night Magic if it held forty sleeved cards. But I’m still going to continue to carry this heavy duty card carrier. I have many other card games that I can stick in the Card Caddy.

Protect those cards while you them & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW