As a child I grew up watching the very colorful comic-like days of the World Wrestle Federation & the more serious side of the National Wrestling Alliance. As I got older I continued watching professional wrestling & becoming a larger fan of the sport as I could understand more of how the moves were done & how the stories played out.

Like most children & some adults who become fans of professional wrestling, I wanted to get into the ring to feel the thrill of the rush of adrenaline that our favorite heroes or villains of the ring get. I did get this chance during & after my senior year of high school. It was a complete blast. One of the best times I have ever experienced.

But when you are a kid imagining the colorful costumes & the high-flying, high-impact finishers  you want to somehow get involved without actually getting into the ring. This also goes for us adults that want to live those thrilling moments of maybe pitting our favorite good guys against each other or creating the greatest wrestling faction.

That is why there are a variety of games that can throw you into the action. From wrestling card games to wrestling board games or even video games we can jump into the ring & under the lights.

One such game has been around since 1986. Created by Tom Filsinger & published by Filsinger Games comes Champions of the Galaxy. In Champions of the Galaxy you take over as one or more of the most powerful professional wrestlers in the galaxy.


Or if you aren’t into sci-fi then you could jump into one of the many other sets they have published.

The Legends of Wrestling set features huge names like Ox Baker, Ted Dibiase, the Road Warriors, & Greg Valentine plus many many others. There are more than a dozen expansions to go along with the Legends of Wrestling starter.

Also available are starter sets for Ring of Honor, Chikara, & Evolve Wrestling. These sets will include such wrestlers as El Generico, Kevin Steen, Claudio Castagnoli, Ultra Mantis Black, Chuck Taylor, & many other great independent talent.


Also available as expansions are the hardcore wrestlers of Combat Zone Wrestling or the lovely ladies of Shimmer: Women Athletes.


With all of these sets you could purchase you could build the universe’s great wrestling federation. Relive the greatest moments of wrestling history. Or simply seeing who is the best of the best.

As a fan of wrestling & as a gamer I have followed Filsinger games since the late 1980’s where I first read about Champions of the Galaxy in a Pro Wrestling Illustrated. I had always wanted to played but never did until last month when I picked up the “Best of Filsinger Games” starter set.


My mind was totally blown away by how good the artwork is & how simple the rule books read. And the stats on the back of the wreslter cards are dead on. To me this was the set to obtain.

The “Best of…” features such wrestlers as A.J. Styles, Diamond Dallas Page, Bryan Danielson, & many others. Along with the wrestler cards Filsinger will send a rule book with basic & advanced rules, four double-sided charts, & two dice.


The rules are simple. You figure out which wrestler goes first then you roll the dice. The wrestler who is on offense rolls to see if their move into action. The defensive wrestler rolls to see if they defend.

If the defender wins the roll then they become the offensive wrestler. This struggle goes back & forth until one player succumbs & is pinned. However pinning an opponent isn’t so simple when you start using the charts which gives you choices to make.

The advanced rules goes on to show you how to do tag team matches, build stables of professional wrestlers, cage matches among others. With a handful of gimmick matches you could turn that 3-star match into a 5-star match.

You can find all of these starters & expansions here: Filsinger Games.

Next year Filsinger Games will be celebrating their 30th anniversary. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for being around for three decades. I wish them continued success for another three more decades & beyond.

Get ready to step into the squared circle for the greatest wrestling matches in the history of your imagination & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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