I have to confess that I love playing the occasional kids game. I could make a huge list of games from HABA Games, R & R Games, Gamewright Games, & BlueOrange Games that I really enjoy playing.

New Year’s Eve I was able to play probably one of the silliest yet messiest games I ever remember playing. That game would be Pie Face from Hasbro.

This was on my sister’s wishlist for her 35th birthday. Which luckily is the day after Christmas. Pie Face was particularly hard to find but I did find it Christmas Eve at a local Toys ‘R’ Us here in Tampa. So for New Year’s Eve she brought it over to my parents place so we could have a little fun.

I’ve included the video of my three attempts at Pie Face: 

Here is a little history on Pie Face. Back in 1964 Hasbro introduced this goofy family game to the ever growing family game world. The original Pie Face game looks very similar to the new one except the hand held an open pie plate that a large round sponge is put in. The sponge could either be wet, to limit the messiness, or covered with whipped cream for maximum mess & of course silly fun.


For many decades Pie Face would be left in obscurity. Left to collect the dust that so many classic games do when they are no longer loved. Then Jumbo, a game publisher is Amsterdam picked it up.


Jumbo created a lighter-weight throwing arm with a spring loaded catapult system that didn’t need to be reset every time a person would sit in front of it to play. The pie plate was removed from the hand & the large round sponge was replaced with a much smaller square sponge. Even the full cardboard cut out for the head was changed to give the player the head outline of a monkey.

In October 2015 Hasbro debut a newer smaller version at Spiel in Essen, Germany. This version would be released in the United States shortly after.


Pie Face is a fun game albeit a silly messy game meant for children. However I have witnessed many times the laughing kid in the adult that comes out to play.

In 2016 we as gamers should look at embracing even the silly games. Yes, even the messy ones. Sometimes we should get a little messy to enjoy the games that we play.


Get messy, have fun, & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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