Here is a throwback to the yesteryear of gaming when the only games I played were either Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers.

Welcome to Fun City. It is 9:00 a.m. & time to leave the Portleigh Arms. Time to get a move on & get as much as you can done by 5:00 p.m. In Fun City whenever you try to do something good, something bad always seems to happen. But you better hurry because your opponents are already at it.

Fun City was publish in 1987 by Parker Brothers. It is for 2-4 players, takes around 60 minutes to play, supports players ages 8 and up, & it is your basic 1980’s roll & move game.

You are one of several citizens in Fun City. You must move around Fun City to try & collect as many points on Fun City cards that you will pick up through the game. When the clock on the bank strikes 5:00 p.m. the player that is taking their turn at that moment will finish their turn & the game will end.


At the start of the game each player will pick a pawn & set it on the associated colored window in the Portleigh Arms. Each player will be dealt three Crazy Cards. These cards will allow you to do extra things on your turn or on an opponents turn. Some add extra movement, others allow you to switch positions with an opponent, or even steal cards from another player.

Four things happen on your turn:

First the banker (player chosen at the beginning of the game to take care of placing cards & the bank clock) presses the button on the bank to advance the clock.

Second thing is that if you don’t have three Crazy Cards you will draw up to that many to fill your hand of three.

Third action is that you can play one or more Crazy Cards to add extra actions to your turn. This is optional.

And the fourth thing you can do is roll & then move.

When moving you have to do “what it takes” to get to where you are going so you can collect a Fun City card. So use your Crazy Cards wisely to get the Fun City cards.

Now on your turn when the banker presses the clock button on the bank it will advance ten or twenty minutes. On each of the Fun City cards is a list of hours. This is important to know because you can only collect them between those hours. When it passes the hours on a Fun City card location then that business is closed & you will have to try to get another one. When one card is removed then the banker will immediately replace it.


When you move you are allowed to move along the white street track one space at time. You may also move through locations counting the locations as one space. You also do not have to move the full count of your dice roll. So if you roll a five you can move, if you choose to four spaces instead of the five. There is also a bus route you can jump onto. Taking the bus helps advance you faster through the city.

As the banker advances the clock each turn a special character will make an appearance at the Supermarket. Her name is the SLOG (Somebody’s ‘Lil ‘Ol Grandmother). The first player to successfully help her will be able to collect any one of the Fun City cards in the city. She will come into play several times during the game.

When the banker finally gets the clock to move to 5:00 p.m. then the player who is taking the turn will finish up their turn & the game will end. Everyone will count up all of the points on all of their Fun City cards. The player with the most points will win.

So Fun City is your basic roll & move game. Cards do help you move throughout the game & they allow you to do things to stop or slow down another player. I liked Fun City as a child & I still do. It is a good old filler game. It just doesn’t see a lot of play because of how old it is. But still fun to play.

The artwork for Fun City is done by legendary artist Jack Burton Davis. He did the artwork for Mad Magazine & Scavenger Hunt board games along with do the art for Mad Magazine.

I would give this game a three out of five stars. It is a favorite retro game that I can take out & enjoy every now & then. We have to remember that not all roll & move games are horrendous.

As a gamer we should make the resolution of taking one retro game a month out of the dark places where we store our unwanted & unloved older games & play it.  Even those older games need to be shown that we still love & care for them & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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