For the past two years I have been playing Star Trek Attack Wing from Wizkids/NECA. I do enjoy every little nuance about how the game is played. With each wave of ships that is put out I find a new way to build upon the fleets I have already built.

In wave 22 of Star Trek Attack Wing we will see a new ship for the Federation. Let me introduce you to the Federation’s Defiant Class ship the USS Valiant.


The USS Valiant is pretty much the exact same build as the original USS Defiant. All except for the ships ability to discard a Photon Torpedoes upgrade to gain one additional attack die during the “Roll Attack Dice Step”.  And an extra crew upgrade slot has been added to the ship. The Valiant named ship costs 24 points while the generic Defiant Class ship can be bought at a cost of 22.

The crew of the Valiant consists of Captain Tim Watters, Riley Aldrin Shepard, Karen Ferris, Dorian Collins, & Nog. These crew members are know as the elite Red Squad from Starfleet Academy. They are the cream of the crop that the Academy has to offer.

Captain Tim Watters comes in with a captain skill of 4, one elite talent, & an SP of 3. Captain Tim Watters allows you to added an addition crew upgrade to any ship he pilots plus his action allows him to remove any disable token from his crew member upgrades. This works well since the rest of his crew members have abilities that when used you have to disable them.

Riley Aldrin Shepard comes in with an SP of 5. When used he allows you to add an additional green maneuver of 1. He also prevents your ship from being target locked for the turn & if your ship already has a target lock on it you can remove it from the ship.

Karen Ferris enters with an SP of  4. With Karen Ferris you may disable her so you don’t have to waste a target lock when targeting a ship with a Quantum or Photon Torpedo secondary weapon upgrade. At least with her ability you won’t have to waste an action.

Dorain Collins has an SP of 2. With Dorian there is no need to waste an action using her ability. Dorian allows you to immediately disable her card as she can repair one shield after the ships hull is damaged.

Then we have to look at little Nog. The only Ferengi in Starfleet. His card comes in with an SP of 5. With his knowledge of engineering he allows you to use one of two options on his card. He has an action ability that allows you to disable his card to either repair one shield or hull. Or you can use his secondary ability that when the ship does a red maneuver you can skip the perform action step to remove the auxiliary token just placed on your ship.

There is one elite skill that comes with the Valiant. The Red Squad elite skill upgrade costs a mere 5 SP. But will allow a wide range of abilities to be at your hands. At the beginning of the game you can place a number of scan, evade, or battle station tokens on the Red Squad card equal to the number of crew upgrades on the ship up to a max of four. Before the Activation phase you may remove one token from the Red Squad & place it beside your ship. The one thing that we must remember about this unique card is that it can only be purchased from a Federation captain on a Federation ship.

You will also find a generic captain card & the basic 5 SP cost Photon Torpedo card. And to top it off this expansion comes with the two player Mission Overview: Battle of El-Gatark.

I look forward to adding the Valiant to my collection of Attack Wing miniatures & mixing some of the crew with some of my other ship builds. Red Squad elite skill may be costly but I do know that it will definitely come in handy.

Lets boldly go where no one has gone before & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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