Years ago when I started playing Star Trek Attack Wing people I played with kept saying they wanted to see an Andorian Ship. Well players, your wish has been granted. After almost three years NECA/Wizkids is granting you the Andorian battle cruiser, the Kumari.


The Andorian battle cruiser Kumari is of an independent faction. It has a cost of 22 points while the generic Andorian battle cruiser can be purchased for 20 points. The Kumari’s ship action will allow a player to get around having an auxiliary token by allowing the player to perform an evade or a scan action. This will help with the ability that Captain Thy’Lek Shran comes with.

Speaking of Captain Thy’Lek Shran, he will board the ship for 4 SP with a captain’s skill of 6 & one elite skill. Like I have said before his ability can be used in conjunction with the ships ability. Thy’Lek Shran allows the player give another friendly ship at the range of 1 a scan or evade token whenever an evade or scan action is taken for the ship that he is on. However his ship must take an auxiliary token.

With only one crew slot for the Kumari this expansion will only provide you with one Andorian crew member, Talas. Talas can board a ship for 3 SP. Her ability allows you to discard her card to allow a friendly ship at range 1, being targeted for attack, the ability to spend a battle station or evade token on your ship as if those tokens were on the targeted ship.

With one extra weapon slot the named ship Kumari has a bit of an advantage over the generic ship. So two weapons can be mounted on the Kumari. Lucky enough this expansion has two weapons that can be used, Advanced Weaponry & Particle Cannon Array.

Advanced Weaponry has a cost of 5 SP & can only be fired from the front arc of a ship. You must spend a target lock & place three time tokens on the ship at a range of 1 to 3. Advanced Weaponry will allow a player to roll five attack dice. If critical damage is inflicted on target ship you may search the damage deck for either the “Weapons Malfunction” or “Munitions Failure” critical damage card.  Afterwards shuffle the damage deck.

Now Particle Cannon Array can be purchased for a cost of 3 SP & may only be fired from the front firing arc. When used in an attack it receives 2 time tokens. It can be fired at a range of 1 to 3 for four attack dice.

The Kumari also comes with two tech upgrades, Tractor Beam & Long Range Sensor. Tractor Beam can be placed on the ship for 4 SP. It allows the player to discard the Tractor Beam & to target a friendly ship at the range of 1. Targeted ship may perform an additional green maneuver with a speed of 1 plus gives target ship an extra defense die for the turn.

While Tractor Beam allows target ship to gain a plus one defense die, then the Long Range Sensor card allows the ship it is on to gain an extra defense die for the turn if it is disabled during the roll defense dice step. That is if the ship has a scan token by its side. Long Range Sensor can be purchased for 3 SP.

The last featured card that comes in this expansion is the Diversion elite skill card. Diversion can be placed on Captain Thy’Lek for 5 SP. When an opposing ship declares an attack on target friendly ship at range 1 of your ship, & if you are in the same firing arc of the opposing ship you may discard Diversion to change the target of his attack to your ship. The attacking ship subtracts two attack dice from that attack.

Like most of the Attack Wing expansion I am guessing that the Kumari will come with a generic Andorian captain. I like the weapons that come with this expansion. Not a fan of the two tech upgrades as I think they could have been a little better.

Though I was not a fan of the Enterprise series I am a fan of the ships that NECA/Wizkids has released for Star Trek Attack Wing. Star Trek in the 22nd century has some pretty cool ships.

Let’s boldly go where no one has gone before & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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