In the long history of Star Trek there has been one faction or another that has been all about taking down Starfleet & their allies just for supremacy over the Alpha Quadrant. Like the mighty Klingon Empire the Romulans have always been ready for a fight.

The Romulans are a crafty race that is skilled in science & technology but are cunning & dangerous. The Romulans are always looking for a way to sneak in covertly. When you least expect it the Romulans could decloak off your aft nacelle.

So in Wizkids/NECA Star Trek Attack Wing the Romulans, like the Federation, & the Klingons have the largest fleets available. In expansion wave 22 a second Romulan Scout Vessel will be made ready to join your fleet.

Let me introduce you to the R.I.S. Pi. The Theta-class Romulan scout vessel lost at Galorndon Core will be a cheap & effective ship to run around the galaxy covertly.


The R.I.S. Pi is ready to fight at a small cost of 16 points while the generic will be available at only 14 points. The Pi’s ship ability will allow the controller to place a free scan token beside their ship during the activation phase. Using this ability will also place an auxiliary token next to the Pi.

The Pi can cloak, evade, scan, & even use a sensor echo. With the help of Captain Bochra, at a cost of 1 Sp,this 2 skill captain gives the ship a boost to its attack & defense. If a scan token is beside the ship he is on he gives that ship an extra attack & defense die for turn.

With only one tech & crew slot the named ship R.I.S. Pi will be short on personnel & equipment. The generic Romulan Scout Vessel doesn’t even have a crew slot which makes the generic really weak.

In this expansion you will find Self Destruct Sequence, Distress Signal, & Graviton Field Generator. However the weakness of this ship makes the generic Romulan Scout Vessel a ticking time bomb if you are using Self Destruct Sequence.

Self Destruct Sequence for a cost of 3 SP & an action you can insert yourself in the middle of your opponents fleet & deal one damage to every ship at range 1.

Distress Signal for a cost of 2 SP allows you to to give two extra defense dice to a ship at range 1-2 that has a hull value greater than the ship it is on. But you must discard Distress Signal once it is used.

The third of the tech upgrade cards is the Graviton Field Generator. It can be bought for your ship at the cost of 2 SP. To activate its ability it must be discarded. When defending, if your ship is not cloaked, during the deal damage step, Graviton Field Generator gives your ship an extra shield. However, the extra shield can not exceed the starting shield value.

Although the named ship only has one crew upgrade slot & the generic has non this expansion comes with two crewmen. First we have Patahk. He can be purchased for a cost of 1 SP. Patahk when discarded, during the roll attack dice step, give an additional attack die to that ships attack when using its primary weapon.

And then we have Pardek. I’m not sure why he was introduce for the R.I.S. Pi. Pardek was known for being Spock’s friend. Pardek ultimately turned on Spock where he along with Captain Picard & Data, were arrested. For just a cost of 5 SP & the use of an action, you can discard Pardek to target a ship at range 3. Along with your ship & the ship that you targeted they can’t attack each other.

Other cards in this expansion will be a generic 1 SP Romulan captain & the Covert Mission: Mission Overview card.

I like playing Federation fleets or mixing things up for some odd builds. The R.I.S. Pi is great for creating a fleet that can get into the fray & blow things up with its Self Destruct Sequence. The R.I.S. Pi could be a great match with the R.I.S. Apnex.

Lets boldly go where no one has gone before & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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