Along with the Kumari, R.i.S. Pi, & the U.S.S. Valiant in wave 22 of Star Trek Attack Wing NECA/Wizkids will also release a larger premium ship model for the Xindi faction called Weapon Zero. This Xindi ship, Weapon Zero, was introduced In the Star Trek series Enterprise.


Weapon series can be purchased into your fleet for a cost of 30 points, while the generic Xindi Weapon costs 28 points. The named ship will be very formidable in combat with its three weapons slots & its special ship ability. The generic ship will also be tough in combat but it will be missing battle stations from the action bar, a weapons slot, & the ship ability.

Weapon Zero has a vast amount of fire power built for combat against any force. This expansion comes with two weapon upgrade cards, Destructive Blast & Rotating Emitters.

Destructive Blast can be purchased for high cost of 6 SP & has a discard attack action. When attacking with this weapon you can target every ship up to range 3 in a straight line. Then perform an attack on each ship. Each ship after the first you subtract one die from that attack. This means that the first attack will have a base of five attack dice, the second will have four, the third will have three dice, etc., etc.

The second weapon is Rotating Emitters. This can be added to your Xindi Weapon at a cost of 4 SP. This weapon fires four attack dice at a range of 1  in any direction. This weapon upgrade has a disable attack action.

Now the weapon upgrades may sound powerful, but only get more powerful with the addition of the only crewman on board, Degra. At a cost of 4 SP Degra gives a discount of 1 SP for each weapon upgrade purchased. He also has a discard ability that allows you to get rid of him during the “declare target step” to put a target lock on a ship, at a range of 1 to 3, that doesn’t already have a target lock on it.

Not only will Degra help with your some of the weapon upgrades but the elite skill, Arming Sequence, will take the Destructive Blast upgrade up a level. At a cost of 8 SP this can be added to your captain. As an action, during the activation phase, you can add one mission token to Arming Sequence, up to three tokens. While there are mission token on the card, the ship can not use any actions and can only make maneuvers with a speed of 1.

Arming Sequence can also be discarded during the attack phase while using the primary weapon or Destructive Blasts. Doing this adds a number of attack dice to the already large amount of attack dice for each mission token on Arming Sequence.

The Xindi captain of Weapon Zero is Captain Dolim. He has a Captain’s skill of 8 with one elite skill slot & only costs 5 SP. Personally I think his action is a little lacking. If your ship is not cloaked, disable your remaining shields & target a ship at range 1 to 2 that is not cloaked & has no active shields. Discard one crew upgrade from that ship. Your ship now has a Captain’s skill of 1 until the end phase of the round.

There are also two tech upgrade cards in this expansion. The Self-Destruct tech upgrade cost 5 SP to deploy to your ship. Self-Destruct, as an action, allows you to target every ship at range 1. It destroys your ship, then each target ship suffers one damage & must discard an evade, scan, battle stations, or target lock token beside it.

The second tech upgrade is Subspace Vortex. For a cost of 6 SP this rather awesome tech upgrade can be yours to use. As an action you can discard Subspace Vortex & remove your ship from play & discard all tokens from beside your ship except for auxiliary power tokens. Immediately place the ship back anywhere into play, but not within range 1 to 3 of any enemy ship. You can not attack during this round that you use this action.

Other cards that can be found in this expansion will be a generic Xindi Captain & a two player Mission Overview: Destroy the Earth.

Weapon Zero is a pretty large ship with it being 4″ in diameter. It’ll dwarf a lot of the other ships that will be out in play. And it will be dangerous. The fallback for the ship is that is has no shields & no defensive power. All except for the ships ability that allows you to roll a number of defense dice for each hit & crit rolled against that ship by the attacker. If you take this action place an auxiliary token by it.

It’s a tough ship that I’m sure others will figure a way to modify to make it a tank of sorts. We will see in the future how Weapon Zero or the generic Xindi Weapon turns out. I know I’m going to go for some interesting builds.

Lets boldly go where no one has gone before & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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