NECA/Wizkids wave 23 of Star Trek Attack Wing is heading at warp speed toward you local FLGS. As it travels along it will arrive with a new Federation ship, U.S.S. Montgolfier.


The U.S.S. Montgolfier is a Saber-class starship like that of the U.S.S. Yeager expansion. Many of these ships were know in the Star Trek: Next Generation to help in the fight against the Borg. And then they would be used throughout the Dominion War in Star Trek Deep Space 9.

The U.S.S. Montgolfier at a cost of 22SP has one extra shield & has a tech slot over the 20SP cost generic Saber-class. The ship action is fantastic with the player being able to move a target lock from one ship to another at a range of one to three during the activation phase as a free action.

U.S.S. Montgolfier is captained by Orfil Quinteros. For a cost of 3SP Captain Quinteros comes in the a captain skill of five. As an action he allows you to roll three defense dice. He’ll repair one point of hull damage for each Evade result rolled. On the other hand for each repair that is done, the ship will receive an auxiliary token.

Lets move on to the lone crewman of this expansion, Wesley Crusher. Yes, everyone’s most beloved Star Trek character has returned for a second time to bring forth some really cool abilities. Wesley Crusher can be placed on any Federation ship for a whopping 5SP. Wesley allows a player to either disable his card to during the activation phase after you move, if a player has an auxiliary token beside your ship, to perform an action from your action bar. Or a player can disable his card after moving, during the activation phase to use an action from a tech upgrade as a free action.

With Wesley allowing you to use tech upgrade action as a free action lets take a look at the two tech upgrade cards that come with this expansion, Sub-Space Transmitter & Thruster Array.

Sub-space transmitter allows the player, as an action, to disable the card & to choose a friendly ship within range one to three to not only give that ship a scan token but also the ship that sub-space transmitter is on. That player can’t take a scan action that round. I consider it a pretty expensive tech at a cost of 5SP.

Thruster array, however, at a cost of 3SP will come in pretty handy. Although it is a once & down card it will help out. As an action a player can discard thruster array & immediately make a one reverse or a two reverse maneuver. These maneuvers must be treated as a red maneuver.

This expansion will also include two weapons upgrade cards. One being the normal 5SP cost photon torpedoes that comes with most ships. This version of of the photon torpedo comes with the new time counters. The second weapons upgrade that is included is the Heavy Graviton Beam.

Heavy Graviton Beam will only cost a mere 4SP to attach to a Federation ship. As an action the player will discard the weapon & roll three attack dice at target ship at range one to two. This weapon can only be fired from the forward firing arch. The target ship roll one less defensive die. Now on top of all of that, if the target ship is a Borg ship, the attacking player will roll an additional three attack dice & the Borg ship may not defend against the attack.

Other cards to be included in this expansion will be a generic 1SP cost Federation captain. And a new mission card, Destroy the Weapons Platform.

Although Wesley Crusher is a pricey crew upgrade to have, he will definitely be an asset on any ship since there are multiple combinations out there that he can be used with. I know I will be placing the Heavy Graviton Beam with my Yeager & if I know I’ll be facing the Borg in battle it’ll be great to have it on the same ship as Commander Elizabeth Shelby.

I think I’m going to enjoy playing with a complete fleet of Saber-class ships. The start of wave 23 looks exceptional & I can’t wait until these new ships come out.

Lets boldly go where no one has gone before & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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