As wave 23 of Star Trek Attack Wing flies into sensor range NECA/Wizkids will introduce us to a new Klingon ship from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I.K.S. Amar. The Imperial Klingon Ship met it’s demise after attacking V’Ger.

Fortunately for us, the Attack Wing players & collectors, get a chance to add to our growing fleet this K’T’Inga class ship. The I.K.S. Amar is roughly the same as all the other K’T’Inga class ships except for the ships special ability & the sleek looking paint job given to this model.


For 24SP you can add the named K’T’Inga class ship or for 22SP you can add it’s generic counterpart. The difference between the two ships is the absence of one shield & one crew slot. The I.K.S. Amar does have one amazing special ability because we all know that we have those attack rolls that miss; even with four attack dice. Nonetheless with it’s own ability if you do happen to whiff the attack you at least get an evade token.

So what can we expect from the captain & crew of the I.K.S. Amar? Well, Captain Barak ends up coming in with a cost of 2SP with a Captain’s skill of 3 but fails to have the much needed slot to hold an Elite Skill. But his cost keeps Barak a great deal as his ability allows you to discard your photon torpedo upgrade to add an extra attack die to your attack pool.

Moving on we will now take a look at the crew that comes with this expansion. The I.K.S. Amar can only hold a total of two crew members where the generic can only hold one. The three crewmen that could be added are, Klingon Helmsman, Klingon Navigator, & Klingon Tactical Officer.

At a cost of 3SP the Klingon Helmsman allows the player, as an action, to discard his card to immediately perform an additional 1 come about maneuver or a two come about maneuver. These maneuvers are to be treated as a red maneuver. Now the Klingon Helmsman is an additional 5SP to add to any non-Klingon ship & can only be added to ships with a come about maneuver.

Moving along we come to the Klingon Navigator. He can be added to your Klingon ship for a total of 2SP. During your activation phase, a player may discard him to totally disregard the chosen maneuver on the dial. That player may choose to make another maneuver as long as it is a three or less. This new maneuver is to be treated as a red maneuver. Only one Navigator per ship.

And then we end up with I think is hands down the best of the three crewmen in this expansion. At a cost of 3SP a player may add the Klingon Tactical Officer to their ship. His ability is to allow a player to disable his card during the modify attack dice step, during an attack, to spend an evade token to change one battle station to a hit.

As this is a battle cruiser there are no tech cards to be found with this expansion. However you will find two weapon upgrades for the ship. Of course this battle cruiser just wouldn’t be a battle cruiser without some Photon Torpedoes. Yes, you will find a 5SP Photon Torpedoes card upgrade. This particular upgrade will allow you to convert one battle station on your attack dice to one critical hit. This works very well in conjunction with the Klingon Tactical Officer & Captain Barack.

The second weapons upgrade added to the expansion is Stand By Torpedoes. For a cost of 3SP a player could add this to any Klingon vessel. So Stand By Torpedoes allows a player to disable the card instead of actually spending a Target Lock while attacking with Photon Torpedoes. Only one of these upgrades per ship.

You will also find the nifty new timer tokens in this expansion pack for the Photon Torpedoes. Also included is a generic 1SP Klingon Captain. It will also have one of the coolest missions I have seen lately for the game.

The Mission Overview card is, Investigate the Unknown. It is a solo mission that will need to be played with three ships. I’m sure it will be best to play with three K’T’Inga class ships for a “real feel” scenario. Basically you are re-enacting the scene in Star Trek: The Motion picture where three Klingon K’T’Inga class ships, this includes the I.K.S. Amar, go to intercept V’Ger.

I’m just going to recommend getting this expansion for the mission cards. I am a little disappointed that Stand By Torpedoes has to be wasted as a weapons upgrade instead of a tech upgrade. Yes, some Klingon ships do use tech upgrades I’m just surprised that this one doesn’t. But that is my only real gripe about the expansion.

Let’s go boldly where no one has gone before & game on!


-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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