The last ship of coming out of Wave 23 for Star Trek Attack Wing from NECA/Wizkids is the I.R.W. Jazkal. I believe that the I.R.W. Jazkal was the first Romulan Bird-of-Prey to make contact with the Enterprise NX-01 in the Star Trek series Enterprise.


So this makes the I.R.W. Jazkal an important ship in the history of Star Trek. It sailed through the galaxy at a time where ships had no shields though so anyone playing I.R.W. Jazkal has to be careful.

This Romulan Bird-of-Prey can fight for you for a low cost of 14SP for the named Jazkal or 12SP for the generic. The generic Bird-of-Prey in this expansion is missing the scan option & the crew upgrade slot. The generic is also missing the Jazkal special ability that allows a player to be immune to the affects of any Elite upgrades targeting the Jazkal. It also gives the player a plus one to defense dice to all attacks made with a weapons upgrade.

Captain Vrax, who is an important figure in Romulan history, will be taking command of the I.R.W. Jazkal. He is a 3 skill captain with an Elite skill slot & costs 2SP. He allows a player to deploy the Reman Bodyguards to a ship for a cost of -2SP & they may be deployed even it they exceed that ship’s restrictions.

Since I’ve already mentioned the Reman Bodyguards lets continue on to what they do. They are a 5SP crew upgrade that as an action you may discard them to target a ship at range 1. When attacking that ship during that round with a primary weapon the player adds an extra dice to the attack pool & the defending player will roll one less die in the defense step. Only one Reman Bodyguard may be deployed to any ship.

Nijil is the second & last crew upgrade card added to this expansion. It can be deployed to a player’s ship at a cost of 5SP. As an ability he adds a tech upgrade to the ship he is deployed to. That tech upgrade is added at a cost of -1SP (up to a minimum of 1SP) & it must be a Romulan faction upgrade. Also as an action a player may disable Nijil & one tech upgrade to add an extra defense die during  the roll defense dice step.

To help in attacking the Elite skill, Destabilizing Relations, will be very important. As an ability if the ship attacks another ship at range 3 & another opposing ship is in range of one to two of the targeted ship, then the defending ship rolls two less defense dice. This Elite skill can be purchased at a cost of 5SP.

Since this is early in Romulan history the I.R.W. Jazkal can be equipped with a Prototype Cloaking Device. This is the only tech card included in this expansion & can be deployed to at a cost of 4SP. As an action the Prototype Cloaking Device may be disabled to perform a cloak action even if the ship has no active shields. Roll one attack die. On the roll of a battlestation that ships hull takes one damage. And while the ship is cloaked that ship may perform the sensor echo action. If this tech upgrade is add to any non-Romulan ship it will cost an additional 5SP & only one may be deployed to any ship.

The I.R.W. Jazkal does come with one weapons upgrade, Disruptor Banks. This weapons upgrade can also be used to help in attacking or defending. Disruptor Banks can be used as an attack by adding three time tokens to attack a ship at range one to three using three attack dice.  Or if the ship Disruptor Banks is added to is attacked, a player my discard Disruptor Banks to force the attacking player to roll two less attack dice. This upgrade may be added to a ship at 4SP & only one Disruptor Banks may be added to any ship.

Other cards added to this expansion will be a generic Romulan captain & the mission. This time the mission is the 2-player Escape the Mine Field mission overview. I’ve heard a few comment that it would have been nice if the Jazkal expansion had mine tokens added to it.

Alright, so we have to agree that this is not the best Romulan ship in the fleet. But I have seen ways to completely turn ships like this into tanks. With the inexpensiveness of the named ship a player could really build upon it. I can’t wait to see what others to to make the I.R.W. Jazkal a ship to contend with.

So here is looking forward to the release of all three of the ships in Wave 23 of Star Trek Attack Wing. Be sure to check back when I preview the ships in Wave 24. So let’s boldly go where no one has gone before & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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