Just last week I received a boxed preview of the new subscription service from iDream3D Box. It is a subscription service focused on 3D printing of collectibles, gaming material, home items, wearable items, & other 3D items.

As I opened the box every item in it was separately wrapped for protection, which is awesome. As I took everything out to unwrap each item I noticed that they had sent me five really detailed miniature figures. Bigger than I had expected but really nice. They also sent me a detail sheet of painting instructions for the miniatures. How often does that happen?

Now I’m not one that is into painting, but I may just try to paint these at some point. But I feel I don’t have the patience for it. We’ll see.

The cool part about these 3D products from iDream3D Box is that everything will be made from a biodegradable PLA material. So that means that each piece of merchandise being printed out is eco-friendly. Cool, right?

They will have their full launch on March 1st, 2016. Which you can find more information about on their website: iDream3D Box. They intend to have a four tier subscription system starting with a month to month up to a full year.

Check out my video preview to see the figures they sent:

I rather like this service because the items are made by using a 3D printer & with biodegradable material. I believe that 3D printed products with revolutionize how we create things in the future & this service shows me it can be done.

I wish I had been sent some other materials mixed in to see what else they have to offer like household items or even wearable items. Maybe I can keep previewing what is to come for the folks at iDream3D box.

Have fun opening your iDream3D box & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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