Back in 2014 game designer Chris Handy released to the world a very innovative line of games called Pack O Game. The name fits these games well because of their size is equivalent to the size of a pack of gum.

The line of Pack O Game can be carried nearly any wear which if you love going to dinner & gaming then these little games are exactly what you need.

Chris Handy is releasing his second round of games on March 3rd, 2016 through a Kickstarter campaign. This second round will feature four very unique games, SOW, RUM, ORC, & GYM.


In GYM 2-players or teams of two & three players get to re-live those awkward school days in gym class as they go on to pick students for their teams. The game is setup by shuffling the students & dealing out twelve face up on to the middle of the playing area. The events are placed to the left of the students face up.

There are two phases while playing GYM. In phase one players pick students to their hands to be played during phase two. In this phase there will be two types of students to choose from, normal & bullies. When a bully is drawn the events are rescheduled by wither moving the event two spaces or advancing two events one space. Events can only be moved forward & can never be moved back. Once the first twelve students are picked, the remaining twelve are laid out to the play area.


The four events scheduled furthest to the right are placed in the middle of the play area where the second phase, the Play phase, will take place. The leftover two events are then flipped over to reveal coaches.

During the second phase of the game the active player must place one student from his hand to one of the events in play. Then that player may perform an action listed on that event.

Each event has a different action ranging from switching students out with one from your hand, moving students from one side of the event to the other, or even forcing your opponent to play a student that you choose from their hand.

The last thing a player may do is place a bully at an event. Placing a bully to event can trigger several different things. Placing a bully will allow that player to take the action on that event & that player may move a coach to the side of any event. Having a coach at an event means that students at that event can not be manipulated. Coaches begin the game out of play & can never leave play.

Once all students are placed the game ends. Scoring the game is simple. Each student with a skill that matches the corresponding event will score the points listed on their card. Each team will compare scores. The team will earn a cumulative total score based on the differences in points at each of the events. The player with the most points after all events are total is the overall winner.


This is a fantastic little game designed by Chris Handy & published by Perplext. It is one of four games that will be available on the new Pack O Game Kickstarter March 3rd. I like the fact that this little game has a lot going on with the choosing of team members & the various actions on events.

You can check out the new Pack O Game Kickstarter out here: Pack O Game 2.

If you like these type of games you should then check out Perplext where you can order any of the other eight original games in the Pack O Game collection. There is also a carrying case that can be ordered to hold all these wonderful little games.

Lets get ready to go back to the GYM for some PE & to game on!

*I would like to thank Chris Handy for providing the images for this article.*

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW