Back in 2015 game designer Chris Handy released to the world a very innovative line of games called Pack O Game. The name fits these games well because of their size is equivalent to the size of a pack of gum.

The line of Pack O Game can be carried nearly any wear which if you love going to dinner & gaming then these little games are exactly what you need.


Chris Handy is releasing his second round of games on March 3rd, 2016 through a Kickstarter campaign. This second round will feature four very unique games, SOW, RUM, ORC, & GYM.

ORC is a compelling 2-player game, for ages 8 to adult, & may take about five minutes to play. At the beginning of the game a player is designated as the dealer. The dealer removes three cards, each of the six colors must be represented, & places them in a line, leaving spaces between each, in the play area. The rest of the cards are shuffled face down & dealt out as stockpiles of four cards to each side of the face up cards. Three cards should be left over.


The non-dealer player gets to take one of two actions. They can either draw one of the remaining cards & take the first turn or draw two of the remaining cards & go second. Whatever the choice of that player, the dealer gets to take the remaining action.

On a player’s turn they must perform perform the deploy action & draw weapon action. After playing a card to a territory that has yet to be conquered or that player may discard a card out of play. However they must continue with the draw weapons phase according to the rules.

There are six specific rules a player must follow when deploying to a territory. After a turn where one of the weapon stockpiles have been exhausted, a battle takes place next to that empty stockpile. Both players add up their deployed Orcs at the territory. The player with the highest total conquers that territory. The conquering player removes all but one Orc from both sides of the territory, they are removed from the game. One of the removed cards  is placed spear-side up facing the conqueror as a marker.

The game ends when all stockpiles are exhausted. Players then show the cards in their hand & total their scores. Players earn scores depending on conquered territories with a certain number of Orcs & Orcs  in hand that are native to conquered territories.

This game is a quick play game. ORC can be a great way to fill out the next ten to fifteen minutes with a quick two out of three player competition. Hand management & timing are the key to playing ORC.

I will have to say that I love the fact ORC plays so quick. If you enjoying playing a card game while going out to dinner then ORC is the game for you. Players can get a few games in before the appetizer makes it to the table.

You can check out the new Pack O Game Kickstarter out here: Pack O Game 2.

Now if you are interested in the many games that Chris Handy has designed then take a look at Perplext‘s website. All the original Pack O Game games are listed for sell along with a great little carrying case for the many games they offer.

It’s time to go to war & game on!

*I would like to thank Chris Handy for the use of the photos in this article.*

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW