Back in 2015 game designer Chris Handy released to the world a very innovative line of games called Pack O Game. The name fits these games well because of their size is equivalent to the size of a pack of gum.

The line of Pack O Game can be carried nearly any wear which if you love going to dinner & gaming then these little games are exactly what you need.


Chris Handy is releasing his second round of games on March 3rd, 2016 through a Kickstarter campaign. This second round will feature four very unique games, SOW, RUM, ORC, & GYM.

SOW is a Mancala style game for two to four players, ages ten years to adult, & may take up to twenty minutes to play. At the beginning of the game one player is picked as the dealer. The dealer shuffles & the four wheelbarrows face up in a square on the playing area. Each player then places the wheelbarrow nearest to their seating position. The dealer then shuffles the seed pile  & places two seed cards under each of the wheelbarrow dirt piles, dirt side up. Then two seed cards are place diagonally between each of the wheelbarrows dirt side up.


During play a player must move two or more cards from a row to their hand, being careful not to reveal the reverse side of the card. Then the player will redistribute the cards in the direction shown on the Windmill. Cards are placed exactly one card in each row continuing until the last card is placed.

If the last card placed is a seed card, it is flipped to its flower side. If all other seeds in the same row as the flipped seed card, then they are flipped over to their flower side. Flowers can never be flipped back over to seeds.

If a flower card is the last one placed under any player’s wheelbarrow, the active player chooses one of the colors on the flower & removes all flowers in that row with the same color & places them face up in front of the controller of that wheelbarrow to create or add to their bouquet.

If a garden card happens to be the last one placed, the active player may take one of the two garden actions in play.

The game ends when there are either 0 or 1 card left in each row. The game is scored for matching favorite color in the center portion & outer portion of the flower to that player’s wheelbarrow. Player’s will also score a point for flowers without their favorite color. And the player with the most points will win the game.

I think that SOW might be the most difficult game out of this group of games. There is a lot going on with moving things around. But I love the guessing what favorite color another player might have. In the same vein as the game Mancala you are moving things around trying to collect points the best way possible. The actions in SOW can change things up, especially the windmill action, since it changes the way the cards are redistributed.

You can check out the new Pack O Game Kickstarter out here: Pack O Game 2.

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So lets get ready to plant the gardens, pick flowers for a bouquet, & game on!

*I would like to thank Chris Handy for providing the photos for this review.*

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW