I enjoy a plethora of gaming mechanics. If you say you have a game that requires card drafting or worker placement I will say, “Bring it on!”, without taking a breath. And I know many people that would do the same. However, these same people tend to shy away from dexterity games.

Why is this? Well, most of the time gamers will explain to me that they just aren’t coordinated enough or they just have the knack to play such games. I can understand that. But for me any & all games placed in front of me I will try at least once or twice.

But I do love a good dexterity game. Look at the game of billiards. I’m pretty good at it & yes it is a dexterity game. There are many ways to calculate how you will proceed to play billiards by hitting a ball with a stick. So when I hear someone say that they aren’t good at dexterity games but they love playing billiards then I laugh & explain to them that they are better at dexterity games than they think they are.

So let me introduce to you from Trusty Lamp Games, the creators of Clankball Legends, a finger flicking, dice launching, numbers counting martial arts game called Kung Fu Zoo. Kung Fu Zoo is a dexterity game for two to four players from ages 10 years to adult with games ranging from five to ten minutes of play.


In Kung Fu Zoo players will pit animal against animal in a martial arts competition by flicking specially customized dice across a wooden board trying to match symbols to gain points or by knocking your opponents out of the arena. There are multiple ways to play & win at Kung Fu Zoo.

Lets take a look at the components thus far. I had received a prototype some time ago with a couple of the animals that have been created. The arena itself consists of a beautifully hand cut wooden board that sits on top of spindle so the it can be easily rotated. The dice are nice & solid but light-weight so they can be flicked with ease from the walls of the board.


I really like the animal dice that I received with the prototype. I received the Gorilla & Zebra dice with cards. Although I did get prototype dice for a few other animals like the Cheetah & the Flamingo. The various symbols showing head, feet, back, & tail are pretty cool because they form the animal when placed together.


Playing the game is easy. Place a die on the wall of the board & flick it. That is about it…or is it? Actually it is a bit tougher than that. Like I mentioned before if you have played billiards this will provide you with a special insight into playing Kung Fu Zoo. Because in the “Cage Fight” variant of the game you have to try to knock your opponents animal dice on their backs or into the small corner holes called “cages”. Now if you don’t feel comfortable with playing the variant then you can always just flick the dice to match the symbols up for points. First player to 21-points wins the game.

I like this game. It is a lot of fun for both children & the adult gamer. If you are a parent & you want to teach your children mathematics (angles) or scientific methods (velocity, force of power) then Kung Fu Zoo is a great game to get.

Look for Trusty Lamp Games, which by the way is from Akron, Ohio, will be debuting Kung Fu Zoo sometime in April on Kickstarter. The wooden game board is marvelous with game play being exciting & fun.

Imagine it late at night with no one around except for the animals of Kung Fu Zoo entering into the arena to find out who is the best of the best. Two to four will enter but only one will leave victorious!

Time to roar & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW