Over the past three years I have made it my mission to collect a micro game called Love Letter. It was designed back in 2012 by Seiji Kanai and has been published by more than a dozen companies over the course of its lifetime.  Love Letter is a fast paced game of deduction, hand management, and sometimes sheer luck for two to four players.

With the simplest of rules anyone from the age of ten years of age and old could learn to play this game in under a few minutes. With a total of sixteen cards you and a few friends can play a complete game in five to ten minutes.

In Love Letter players try to deliver their love letter to the Princess by managing the cards they draw while trying to keep their opponents from delivering their love letter to the Princess. The earlier you are able to draw powerful cards the closer you get to winning the Princess’ love. But be careful, the longer the game goes the higher probability there is to lose the love of your life.

Currently Alderac Entertainment Group, AEG, has the licensing for Love Letter. While in their capable hands they have spawn many great and rather interesting versions of the game. Their original version of the game is set in their Victorian world known as the Tempest Universe where the Prince is trying to win the affections of the Princess. In the original Japanese Kanai edition this is also the case, except that it is set in the feudal era and has a handful of name changes and a few cards with different abilities. None-the-less AEG stays pretty much loyal to the game.


Now over the course of the time AEG has released several alternate versions of Love Letter. They have used their license for Legend of the Five Rings to add Love Letter to that universe. The game may not change, but the artwork for each card is superb.

If you are getting married and you love to play games you may want to have AEG send you Wedding edition Love Letter so you can give them out to the wedding party. I think this is a great idea for the tabletop gamer in all of us. It is a wonderful way to give those a lasting memory of your wedding.

AEG in 2014 teamed up with Steve Jackson Games to create Munchkin Loot Letter. Yes, I did say Munchkin. Who doesn’t love, to hate to love the wonderful Munchkinuniverse and all of backstabbing. While this version has no love to give to a Princess, it does have the player go after all the loot. There may not be kicking down of any doors but beware of the Dread Gazebo or the Duck of Doom.


Then as a stocking stuffer AEG released Letters to Santa. In this version they added festive artwork to the cards. Try to get your letters delivered to Santa while trying to avoid Krampus. Hopefully this will return to stores for Christmas’ to come.

In recent weeks AEG has made waves getting by joining up with another famous game publisher, Cryptozoic for Batman and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. As a fan of both Batman and The Hobbit it excited me to see what this would bring to the world of Love Letter.

In Love Letter: Batman you as the Dark Knight must recapture the villains of Arkham Asylum. You will face notorious Batman villains such as Harley Quinn, Bane, Catwoman, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and the “Crown Prince of Crime” The Joker. The artwork for the cards are fantastic and I think thus far are the best out of any of the Love Letter games. Instead of the regular little color cube tokens you are given Bat Signal tokens which gives more of a Batman-esque feel to the game.


For Love Letter The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies you must protect yourself from Smaug as one guess from your opponent can stop your halt from getting the Arkenstone. The artwork for this version are based on the characters and artifacts from the movie.


There is also a Love Letter for you Adventure Time fans. Adventure Time Love Letter plays the exact same as all the others. In this version of everyone’s favorite “mathematical” dystopian cartoon the cards feature Princess Bubblegum, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, BMO, Lady Rainicorn,Gunter, the Ice King, Marceline, LSP, Peppermint Butler, Earl Lemongrab, & those bumbling Banana Guards. Adventure Time Love Letter comes with a variety of jewels representing the jewels belonging to each Princess in Ooo. Even the pouch to carry the game in is amazing.


As a fast paced, inexpensive, and a very handy pocket game this game can be easily taken to any party or out to dinner with friends or family. Easy to teach and fun I recommend buying one or two if not all of these Love Letter games for a fun collection. You can tell that I appreciate playing since I have five different versions in my special travel kit for gaming.

I may have a problem with collection Love Letter, but hey I can stop any time. Why would I though? The game is awesome & the themes are perfect. I would love to get my hands on a Wedding version of Love Letter.

Get ready to post those love letters & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW