As a game reviewer it is my fate to play games for hours on end to make sure that you, the reader & gamer, get the info you need to decide if you want to buy that next game. In order to do all this work I must have the energy to make this possible.

So in order to do this I must take in some fuel or nap for at least forty-five minutes to an hour. Naps help greatly but I do enjoy a little power snack while playing a game or writing an article.

Now I am not one to ingest large amounts of caffeine so things like energy drinks are out of the question. I stick to drinking lemonade, water, root beer, or iced tea. And when it comes to a snack during a game I, like many others, love candy.

Now in general candy isn’t great for you because of the sugar. But that sugar does help to give that quick burst of energy. So when I saw someone post that there were three new types of M & M’s from the Mars company I just had to try them out.

Now I have only been able to find them at CVS so when I walked into my local CVS today I had to take a look & see if they carried them. Low & behold they did. A nice big display for my visual taste buds to enjoy. So I walked over grabbed one of each type, paid for them, & headed home.

After a good dinner I decided to crack open the different flavors to try them out. Oh how they are so very different from the traditional M & M’s I have grown to love over the years. But the flavors have been downright odd in recent years. Any more I am skeptical about placing additional flavors in an already perfect piece of candy.

Mars has put out a strawberry shortcake flavor which in my opinion is awesome & then they have a candy corn flavor which to me is disgusting.  I mean you can’t win them all. So like many other companies Mars has decided to tempt us, the buyer, into purchasing some newer flavors & to vote on such flavors.

So lets take a look at the new flavors:

Flavor number one that I tried is the “Chili Nut”. Tastes like a regular M & M with nuts. Well, except for the burning sensation that it leaves on the sides of the tongue. We all know that chocolate mixes very well with some heat. Not a bad experience at all. I like the sweet heat that this new M & M has.

Flavor number two is a combination of chocolate & coffee in their “Coffee Nut”. I’m not a fan of coffee. I do like the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, but that is it. The coffee flavor just didn’t do anything for me. But my parents really enjoyed it. It does help that they are big coffee drinkers. So you coffee drinkers will like the mocha chocolate flavor that this new M & M has.

And then for flavor number three, “Honey Nut”. Biting into the sweet candy coating I received an overly sweet burst of honey flavor. It was bad just a little too sweet for my palate. But they do combo will will the chili flavor or with the coffee flavor. I guess you could say that this is the “bridge” that complete the gap between the two other flavors.

I will have to say that they still share the awesome chocolate taste that M & M’s are known to have. But maybe I’ll just stick to my favorite flavor of all time which is the smooth taste of peanut butter M & M’s.

Whatever your flavor preference is make sure to visit their website & vote. Who knows what might be the next M & M on the market?

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW