For a few months now I have been hard at work researching several monthly board game subscriptions. Well, after reviewing the cost of the monthly plus shipping I came to the conclusion that the company known as Gamejoule was the perfect fit.

Now Gamejoule considers themselves at the “Netflix” of gaming. And you know they aren’t too far off from he truth. I looked at the services they offered & decided on their “Serious Gamer Bundle” which is $19.99 a month. This includes the shipping.

So after signing up they send you a survey to try to get to know who the gamer is. I answered their questions letting them know how many people I played with, how long a game should be, & what game mechanics I enjoy playing.

A few days later & I received my package containing Z-Man Games’ Agricola, Fantasy Flights’ Samurai, Blue Orange Games’ New York 1901, & AEG’s Sail to India. I have played, in the past, everyone except for Sail to India.

In this video I show what is included in their unique service:

Once you are done playing the games that were sent to you all you have to do is send an e-mail letting the folks at Gamejoule know that you are ready to mail them back. They’ll e-mail you the address label & will send you another survey asking how you felt about their service.

They will also offer to sell you any of the games in the package. I was interested in two of the four. Gamejoule then sent me a quote on the games I was interested in. The games are discounted from MSRP.

This is a wonderful service that I am definitely going to recommend. Try their service out & see what you think. You can start right here: Gamejoule.

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW