In May NECA & Wizkids Games will be releasing their wave 24 line up for Star Trek Attack Wing. In this upcoming wave of releases we will see the U.S.S. Enterprise (repaint), I.R.W. Algeron, & I.K.S. Drovana.

In this article I will be focusing on the the reprint version of the original series U.S.S. Enterprise.


In all honesty, this is a repainted version of the U.S.S. Enterprise from wave zero in 2013. The repaint version will feature an all new translucent & metallic paint job. So for those who are either starting out, need a new version, or just totally missed out on the release, you will need to buy this version of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

So if you passed this up or just plain missed out let me tell you what to expect this this Constitution class ship. The named ship, U.S.S. Enterprise, will cost a mere 22SP, will have three attack, one defense, four hull, & three shields. It will also be able to support four crew upgrades & one weapon upgrade. Plus the ship ability will allow the player to use an action listed on the action bar while there is an auxiliary token.

I’m going o be completely honest. The crew that comes with this ship is amazing. Well, of course they have to be. They are the crew from the original series.

Now the generic version will cost 20SP. It will also be short one crew upgrade & one shield. Plus the generic version will not have a special ship ability.

You are probably wondering who will be included in the crew, right? Well, in this expansion you will receive Mr. Spock. Mr. Spock will cost 5 SP to have as part of your crew. As long as the U.S.S. Enterprise has a scan token beside it, Mr. Spock will allow you to convert all battle station rolls into hit results.

Hikaru Sulu will head up some extra needed defense for the Enterprise. He will cost a total of 3SP to add to your crew. His action will allow the player to add to the agility of the U.S.S. Enterprise for the rest of the turn. Plus each time the ship defends in a round he allows the player to convert one battle station to one evade result.

Next you may need the medical expertise of Leonard McCoy. He can be added to your crew for a cost of 3SP. However, in order to use McCoy you will have to discard him. After Leonard McCoy is discarded he allows a player to use one of the crew upgrade actions as a free action.

Nyota Uhura can be added to your crew for 3SP. She will also need to be discarded to use her ability. Once she is discarded she allows the player to change their maneuver for the round. Her ability might come in handy to prevent from being destroyed.

And then we finally get to the awesome Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott. He can be added to your crew for a hefty 5SP. When a player uses Montgomery Scott they will get to choose one of two abilities that he has. The first is an action. As an action the player may disable two shields to gain two additional attack dice in the round. Or Montgomery Scott can repair one shield token & the ship’s attack dice will be reduced by two for the round.

With this U.S.S. Enterprise expansion a player will get two Captains to add to their collection. Included will be Christopher Pike & James T. Kirk.

Captain Christopher Pike will cost 4SP to add to a ship. He has a Captain’s Skill of 6 & will also have an elite skill. His ability will allow a player to subtract one SP from the cost of all crew upgrades on the ship he is the captain of.

Captain James T. Kirk will cost 6SP, very well worth it for him & his abilities. He has a Captain’s Skill of 9 & he will be able to use two elite skills. Captain Kirk’s special ability will allow a player to purchase any elite skill for 3SP. These elite skills are placed face-down beside his card. The elite skills will remain face-down until they are used. Then they will remain face up for the remainder of the game.

It is crazy that a Captain of a ship will have two elite skills. Well, in this case it is well needed since three elite skill cards come with this U.S.S. Enterprise expansion. The first of which is the very sought after “Cheat Death” elite skill. This elite skill will cost 5SP. When the ship that Cheat Death is associated with is destroyed, the player may discard Cheat Death & remove damage cards one at a time until the amount of damage is one less than the ship’s hull value. All remaining damage cards are flipped face-down.

The second elite skill you will see in this expansion will be the famed Corbomite Maneuver. To use the Corbomite Maneuver the player will have to discard it as an action. This action prevents all enemy ships from attacking the ship that Corbomite Maneuver is associated with. That ship may not attack that round. Corbomite Maneuver costs 5SP to add.

The third & last elite skill in this expansion is the Cochrane Deceleration Maneuver. This elite skill also costs 5SP to add to your Captain. It has a discard action, that when discarded, if the ship used a one forward maneuver this round, then the ship can “Come About”. Once done the ship will be given an auxiliary token.

Of course you will find the generic one skill Captain card, the obvious Photon Torpedoes weapons upgrade card, & the special missions card.  The special mission is the Kobayashi Maru. It was known as the Starfleet training exercise that no one could ever pass. Well, except for Captain James T. Kirk, who became the first to ever beat the test.

All-in-all the crew, Captains, & elite skills that come with this expansion are great. Some are a little heavy in the squadron points department but still great to have. If you, the player, purchases this ship you will have to player the Kobayashi Maru mission.

So lets boldly go where no one has gone before with the U.S.S. Enterprise & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW