A marvelous Wednesday to everyone out there! In today’s podcast I wanted about a few Kickstarter projects that are getting ready to end. Girls’ Game Shelf his fully funded, while my friend Fedor Sosnin is just short of his goal. With only a few days to go I believe he’ll make it.

In my second segment I talk about the video game to board game conversion. I’m talking some retro gaming & newer video games. I specifically talk about the new Dark Souls board game on Kickstarter.

In my last segment of the podcast I talk about International Tabletop Day, which is April 30th. I may or may not be going anywhere to play. Just might stay home for some solo gaming. I also talk about the game Sun, Moon, & Stars out now from Minion Games. I finish up by speaking about the I.R.W. Algeron expansion coming out next month from NECA/Wizkids for Star Trek Attack Wing.

Enjoy the show!


-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW