In my last “Going Boldly” article I wrote about the repaint version of the U.S.S. Enterprise expansion that will be coming out in May for wave 24 of Star Trek attack wing. Well, I now have the information I needed for the next ship that will be making an appearance in wave 24. That ship is the I.R.W. Algeron.

So if you are a fan & you know of the history of Star Trek you might be wondering what the I.R.W. Algeron is. The I.R.W. Algeron is a Romulan D7-class battle cruiser which was one of the unnamed ships that captured the U.S.S. Enterprise after it had crossed over into the Neutral Zone in the original Star Trek series.


The D7-class battle cruiser was a ship that the Klingons had originally used. This was until the Klingon-Romulan alliance.

The named vessel known as the I.R.W. Algeron can be added to your fleet for a mere 18SP. What makes this ship special is its ability to use a one forward maneuver before it attacks with its primary weapon if it is not cloaked. The generic D7-class can be purchased for 16SP but it loses out on having a tech upgrade slot & a shield.

In the I.R.W. Algeron expansion we will find Admiral Liviana Charvanek. She can be added to a Romulan ship for 3SP. As the Admirial her fleet action allows that ship to cloak as long as it has the cloak icon on the action bar. After cloaking, the ship may immediately perform an additional action for free. Liviana Charvaneck may also be used as a Captain with a skill of five. She allows has an elite skill trait on both the Admirial & Captain sides.

We will also see Captain Tal as the ships commanding officer in this expansion. Tal was a sub-commander before being put in command while his superior tried to persuade Spock into betraying Starfleet. For a small cost of 2SP this three skill Captain can be added to any Romulan ship. His ability will allow a player’s ship to use the battle station action, as a standard action, even if that ship has no battle station on its action bar. That ship can no longer perform a free action for that turn if this ability is used.

Players will also find two elite skills added to the I.R.W. Algeron expansion.The Command Pod elite talent can be added to any Captain of a D7-class ship for a total of 4SP. Command Pod can be discarded during the compare results step, while defending, to cancel any one die result.

In the second of the two elite talents a player will find the Cloaked Attack elite talent. Cloaked Attack can be discarded while attacking with primary weapons. During the attack dice step, a player may spend their cloak token gain two extra attack dice. This talent can be purchased for 5SP.

Also included in this expansion will be the Romulan Technical Officer. The Romulan Technical Officer costs 2SP & as an action can be disabled to add a scan token to the ship it is on. This officer can only be added to a Romulan ship & only one Romulan Technical Officer per ship.

Since the named ship has a technical upgrade slot it would be silly not to add a technical upgrade. So for this expansion the card Impulse Drive has been added. This technical upgrade can be added for 2SP & there can only be one per ship. Impulse Drive can be disabled to perform a white maneuver if there is an auxiliary token beside the ship it is on. If a player does this, they must still skip their perform action step.

Rounding things up we find that the normal plasma torpedoes are added in for the weapons upgrade & of course we find the generic one skill Romulan Captain.

The mission card that is included with the expansion is called “Steal the Cloaking Device”. This is reminiscent of the Star Trek original series episode “The Enterprise Incident”. In the episode Kirk steals a cloaking device from a Romulan flagship. Tal pursues the Enterprise in order to get back the cloaking device.

In my opinion Tal is a very weak captain while on the other hand Liviana Charvanek is perfect to command the I.R.W. Algeron. There are a few combinations to look for in this expansion. Setting up a cloak with Liviana, then taking a free action, & then taking away the cloak to add plus two attack dice to attack makes for a good turn.

I’m not much for using Romulans in my fleets but the I.R.W. Algeron may be one I add to start up a Romulan fleet. There is at least one more ship to come in NECA/Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing wave 24.

Lets go boldly where no one has gone before & game on!


-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW