One day a few years ago I was introduced to a wonderful little dice game from Gamewright Games called Qwixx. For the past few years this is one of those games that has always ended up in my game travel kit because of it’s fantastic game play.

Qwixx is a dice game for one to however many players can get involved. The game box may say two to five players, but this is a game where you can actually challenge yourself as a solitary game or as many people that can sit around a table to roll dice. The game can take as few as fifteen minutes to play or up to forty-five minutes & can be played by kids ages eight to adult.


Qwixx has a very simple & quick setup, which is very nice in a good filler. All you need are the dice and a score sheet, which comes with the game. The score sheet has four colored line. Starting with red is covers the numbers 2-12, the second line is yellow 2-12, third is green 12-2, and the last like is blue 12-2.

The dice that are contained within are two white dice, these are used as the common pool for every player to decide if they want to use those numbers or not. The rest of the dice a red, blue, yellow, and green. The active player can then decide after they role to use one white die and one of the colored die. This helps to mark off the scoring pads that they are given at the beginning of the game.

Each turn the active player roles the six dice. Then each player decides if they want to cross out the sum of the numbers on the white dice. This is not mandatory. Then the active player has to a chance to take one white die and add it up with one of the colored die to cross off one of those numbers. The active player has to decide if they want to do one or the other actions. They can do both if they want but if they don’t then they must take a penalty.

When crossing out the numbers on the four various line you must start from the left. If you start half way, for example you start with the number 6 on the red line then you must continue to your right to the number 12. However the numbers 12 on the red and yellow line are locked out. On the green and blue lines the number 2 is locked. These numbers are inaccessible until you have at least five numbers on that line crossed out. Once those numbers have been crossed out then that colored dice is removed from the game. These is hard on the other players that have only one or two numbers in that row crossed out because then they line is finished.

End game strategies are pretty easy. Cross out as many numbers as you can for maximum points. You can really mess with an opponent by closing a line off quickly. I did this tonight locking one opponent out who didn’t even have one single number crossed off on the blue line. Once two lines are shut down then the game ends or when a player takes four penalties.

At the bottom of the score pad the points are already scored for you by multipliers. You then just add the numbers scored from each line to little boxes correlating with the lines above on the score pad. Add these boxes together and you have your total score.

So in the end Qwixx even with four players took no more than twenty minutes. It is very inexpensive & can be found at most major retailers now. It is definitely a game I recommend for all families or for anyone that just enjoys hanging out with friends.

At the beginning I did say that you can play solo. Which you can. It is just not in the rules. There is a mobile app for Qwixx that allows you to play solo. This does work for the physical game itself. I do play both. I will always recommend playing the physical version over the app.

Get ready to lock up some numbers & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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