This is the one word that comes to mind when I think of the words Bon Appetit. They were uttered many times by famous chef Julia Child. She would end her programs by saying, “Bon Appetit!”. Ah…So many nostalgic memories there.

Welcome to the world of fine dining. A world where you must protect the very thing you want. The thing that most meat-eaters want sitting in front of them. A thick & juicy steak.

Bon Appetit is an easy to learn, entry level card game of deduction. In Bon Appetit your objective is to score three steaks to win the game by either figuring a way to score one from or hand or stealing one from your opponents. This will be the first game from Avant-Garde Games. It’ll play two to six player, ages twelve to adult, & could take upwards to fifteen minutes to play.

In Bon Appetit there are three different types of cards: Tableware, Characters, & Steak.

All cards are shuffled together. After shuffling each player will draw five cards. The left over cards will be placed in a pile face-down in the middle of the play area. This will be the draw pile for the game.

On a player’s turn they may choose another player & play a combination of Tableware cards that add up to seven. This is an attempt to steal a steak from an opponent. That player or any other player may then play a character card in response. If the active player is successful in their attempt to take the steak from their opponent, they score one point.If Tableware cards are played then the player may not play character cards on their turn.


Or a player may player a character card on their turn. Once a character card is played then it is discarded face up next to the draw deck. If they decide to do this then they may not play Tableware cards for their turn.


If a player can not play anything on their card then they may discard one card from their hand & draw up a new card. Steaks may not be discarded.

A player may also decline to play any cards & just pass for their turn.

At times a player may find themselves with fewer than five cards. If this happens then a player, at the end of their turn, may draw back up to their starting hand size of five. However, players may find themselves with more than five cards in hand. If this happens then they don’t have to worry, there is no maximum limit of cards that they can hold.

Since steaks can not be discarded, they can be replaced. If a player finds three steak cards in their hand they may choose to take the three steak cards & re-shuffle them into the main deck. Then they may replace the three steak cards by drawing three more cards from the main deck.


Players will continue to play this way until one of the two end game conditions are met. The game will end by either a player scoring three steaks or the main deck runs out of cards. The player who scores the three steaks is instantly declared the winner. If the deck runs out any steak cards in their hand will be added to the steaks they have already scored.

Here’s the (steak) rub. The game is super simple. It reminds me of a heavier version of the game of Love Letter or the classic game of Go Fish. Bon Appetit could really be played by kids as young as ten years old.

I love the simplistic art styles for the cards & the rules are real easy to follow. This is a perfect filler game that focuses on what we all love…Food!

You can get a copy of Bon Appetit on Kickstarter for around $11 USD. A fantastic price for a fast & fun-filled steak stealing game. You can find on Kickstarter here: Bon Appetit .

Bon Appetit!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW