When I was a young lad there were a few games that everyone in the family would play. We would either break out Monopoly, UNO, or Trivial Pursuit. Even at a young age I was pretty good at all of these even the trivial trivia of Trivial Pursuit.

I do love a good game of trivia. It does seem today that there are those who really could care less about what happened or who was around in the past. This is a sad state of events. I am glad that some companies are still plugging along at creating games that help to stimulate the mind.

One of these very companies, Do You Know My Game?, has published a very simple trivia game with an interesting board. Unlike games like Trivial Pursuit where you are chasing down different color pieces to win the game, instead you are rolling an eight sided die that helps you move around a board designed like the “W”.

The game is known as Who Knew?. It can be played two to four teams or players, ages twelve to adult, & may take thirty to forty-five minutes to play.


Players or teams will decide on which pawn they will use. First player or team to roll a pink “Who” on the die will go first. The team or player to the left will draw & read the “Who” question on the drawn card. If the team answers correctly they will advance to the spot they had rolled on the die. If they answer incorrectly or can not answer the next team or player will roll.


The question cards consists of three types of multiple choice question: Who, What, & Why. And each one of these questions has a corresponding color on the eight sided die.There is also a black “?” on one of the sides of the die & then one yellow “?” on the opposing side.

If a team or player rolls the black “?” they will pick which of the three questions that can be asked. If they roll the yellow “?” question the the team or player drawing the question card will decide. When a “?” is successfully answered that player or team will move to the nearest “?” space (there are only three on the board).

To win the game, a team or player must make it successfully to the finish space. In order to make it to the finish a team or player will be asked all three questions on the question card. If they answer two out of the three questions they will succeed in winning the game.

I like a good trivia game. I’m a big fan of certain Trivial Pursuit games, especially the Star Wars one. Who Knew? is a great mix of trivia that really anyone can answer using commonsense. Lets face it, having multiple choice answers is way easier than trying to pull a guess out of thin air.

Who Knew? is a game I can take to any family gathering & have a good old time.

If interested in Who Knew? or any other game from Do You Know My Game? you can visit them at their website: Do You Know My Game?

Time to strap on that thinking cap & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW