Crazy, silly, goofy, or is it just plain Wonky? Yes, I am talking about the wacky cube tower building game for two or more people known as Wonky!

Wonky was published in 2015 by mega game publisher USAopoly. Wonky can be played by two to an infinite amount of players, from ages eight years to adult, & may take fifteen to twenty minutes to play.

A quick warning…this is not going to be one of my super long articles. Wonky is a quick & goofy game for the entire family. So if you don’t like to giggle or have a lot of goofy fun with then this is not the game for you.

The game has a very simple setup. There are nine wooden blocks: three large, three medium, & three small. And each of these sets of three come in green, blue, & purple colors. These blocks are placed somewhere on the table where everyone can reach them with ease. You don’t what to bump the table or the surface that the tower is being built upon.


In a two to four player game each person will receive seven cards with the remaining cards placed where players can reach them. If playing with more than four players then you can scale down the amount of cards being dealt as long as every player receives an equal amount of cards. The tallest player will go first.

On each turn a player will play a card from hand. Most cards will show a diagram of what type of block to play. Some cards will allow a player to perform an action, like reversing the turn of play or passing turn to the next player without stacking a block. If a player can not play a card then they must begin drawing cards from the main deck until they draw one that can be played.


Blocks played onto the tower must be stacked with one hand only without bumping any of the blocks on the tower. During play if a player loses a block or blocks from the tower then they must pay a penalty of drawing three cards from the main deck.

Play will continue until one person empties their hand of cards. Once a player empties their hand of cards they are announced the winner of the game.

Very simple & goofy game. I really like the purple cinch-sack the cubes come in. The cubes are exactly as the title of the game describes…wonky. By the way the cubes are not perfectly flat. They are slightly rounded with some flat sides. Wonky is definitely a game to bring to the table to get a good chortle.


Lets get to stacking something wonky & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW