I am someone that loves playing games. Just about any game in the world I will play at least once. There are a few that I will not play any longer due to bad rules & just horrid game play.

Well a few days ago I was sent a game from publisher Bet The Games for their self titled game, Bet The Games. Bet The Games is a baseball or football betting system game. So depending on the season you could either use the cards to bet on baseball or football games.

So Bet The Games is for two to five players, ages eighteen years of age & older, & the length of game play is dependent on how long you really want to play the game.

Here’s the deal, one person is picked as the dealer. The dealer then deals out an equal number of cards for betting to each player. On the face side of the card players will find one baseball & one football play. Depending on the game playing, players will bet using that particular sport for whatever sport they are watching at the moment.

The dealer will decide on which play or batter players will bet on by playing a “Play” card. There are four Play cards from number one to four. Makes since to have four Play cards since there the amount of outs you need in baseball is three & at least four downs in football. A Play card will represent what play or batter will be bet on.


Players will ante & then play a card from their hand. If a player guesses correctly of what the quarterback or batter will do then they win the pot for turn. If no one wins then players will re-ante.


There is also a variation where players can earn game cards by betting using “Turn” cards. Players will play a turn card with a number on it & then make a guess at what might happen. If they guess correctly then they receive that many game cards.


There is definitely a simple betting game in here. However I believe that the Play & Turn cards should be removed. There really is no need for them. The card stock is nice. They feel waterproof & ultra smooth.

I also think that there should be a total of fifty betting cards. Ten for each player instead of dealing out an equal amount of cards from the ten included with the game. Each player should be able to throw down whatever card is in their hand. Then if there is a tie they should split the pot.

You can gather more information on Kickstarter, Bet The Games. They do have a video posted that you can watch a family playing.

I do like to gamble & my gamble is that if the folks at Bet The Games changes a few things like better artwork & lowering the quality of card stock they will have an affordable & fun game on their hands. Ante up & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @boardgaming_FTW