It’s that time of year when the Midwest is in full swing of gaming season. I am at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio where many games that are being released at GenCon are being demonstrated.

I happened to have been invited by Stone Blade Entertainment to meet up with Ian Estrin to take a look at their newest game, Ascension X: War of Shadows.


I have been playing Ascension since Chronicle of the Godslayer came out. I fell in love with the game that very first play.


In Ascension X there are a few new mechanics: night & day abilities, cards with multiple costs, & monsters with dual trophy abilities. These mechanics make Ascension X: War of Shadows unique.

As a deck-building game players will receive a basic deck of ten cards. This basic deck will be used to purchase needed heroes, constructs, & to defeat monsters to receive heroic points.

The board is pretty much set up like the others. The only difference is with the main row of cards where players will purchase their cards from. The center is split for cards that represent night & day.


All the cards from the main deck will either have a light border, which represents day or a dark border which represents night. When there is more night cards on the main board, abilities with the night action will be able to be used. The same goes for more day cards. If there is an equal amount of both types it is considered dusk & none of those special actions can be taken.

Along with the new day & night mechanic, Stone Blade, added in a dual cost to some of the cards. This will allow players to use some of the leftover power or runes they might be stuck with. Some of the cards that use the multiple cost mechanic have pretty good abilities.


On top of the multiple cost cards, & the day & night mechanic, they also added in monsters with dual trophy abilities. Depending on if it is day or night a player may keep a defeated monster to banish later on during the game for its trophy ability.



Other than the few extra mechanics Ascension X: War of Shadows is really no different from the many other Ascension games that Stone Blade has released in the past. The artwork for Ascension X is quite amazing & it still plays two to five players.

Look for Ascension X to be released during GenCon 2016.

-Christopher Richter