Many many moons ago I was driven to become a writer. As a child I won several short story competitions & even published a children’s book when I was in Junior High School. I have in a box over a hundred short stories that have never seen the light of day & many more sitting on the hard drive of my computer.

I had always wanted to write for a magazine or newspaper. At Hamilton High School I did just that. I wrote a monthly column called “The Richter Scale”. In this column I critiqued music, television programming, & movies. I even provided the school with a monthly column on professional wrestling.

But this still wasn’t professional enough for me as I wanted to be on the inked pages of magazines like Scrye, Inquest, or Toyfare. Unfortunately that never happened as these magazines have all disappeared.

Now enter the digital age where magazines are PDF files to be downloaded straight to your phone or tablet. A lot of magazines & newspapers are dissolving their physical being & going straight to this format of media.

But one gaming magazine has decided to do both physical & digital media. Yes, there can be a happy medium between the two. For the fifth year in a row Casual Game Insider has launched their annual Kickstarter project to keep their dream alive of bringing information to those who want a physical or digital magazine to read.

With the help of backers Casual Game Insider is now in over 2,100 games stores, hundreds of Barnes & Nobles, & on several digital newsstands. This time with the help of backers the folks at Casual Game Insider are looking to expand this magazine to the shelves of hundreds of  Books-A-Million stores.

Many of the top publishers in the industry support Casual Game Insider.

Casual Game Insider is one of those magazines that I still look to maybe one day contribute an article for. I have been reading Casual Game Insider for several years now & have always found it very informative. The articles are brilliantly written while the photos are vibrant & clean.

If you are interested in supporting Casual Game Insider & would like to receive their next four issues then you can back them here: Casual Game Inside Kickstarter project.

They also offer some other wonderful rewards for backing them.

If you would like to read a PDF copy of their 2016 summer issue you can click here: Casual Game Insider Summer 2016

Give the magazine a once over & back them on Kickstarter & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW