I love receiving awesome things in the mail. This is a big part of being a reviewer. And one thing about being a reviewer is getting those once a month packages from a monthly subscription club.

I just love many of the differences to each & every box that I receive. Some companies will announce what you are receiving that month & some will keep it very hush-hush. I kind of like not knowing what will appear in that months subscription. I like to be surprised at what might be in there, almost like Christmas each month.

For the past five or six months Jason Tagmire, designer of Pixel Lincoln, & a group of game designers have gotten together & came up with a great idea, a monthly board game subscription. Let me introduce to you all….Button Shy Games.

At Button Shy they create some very interesting & unique games. Now these aren’t your run of the mill big box games either. These are micro games can basically fit in your pocket & can be taken just about anywhere you have room to play a game.

So what will appear in your mail box each month? Well, that really depends on the tier level you purchase for being a monthly member of Button Shy’s Patreon page. The chart below has all the tiers listed:


I have so far received the awesome wallet game of Pod-X by Daniel Solis.

A sweet & simple postcard game called Scrumdiddlyuptious by Matthew O’Malley.


And the game of Poco Pinata by Ryan Cowler.


I do like all of these games that have come to me, but I think Pod-X by Daniel Solis is simply one of the best wallet game I’ve ever received.

If you are interested in receiving some really unique & fun games then I recommend subscribing to Button Shy’s Patreon. It is definitely worth the price of each & everything that you receive.

The only thing I haven’t had the opportunity to receive is one of the game t-shirts.

Game on with Button Shy games!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW