Before I kick off my review of Stop the Germs from publisher Simple Design Publishing I have to tell a little story. A few weeks ago I was already to start working on my review when all of a sudden I was put into the hospital not once but twice in the same day. Yes, you read that right, the same day.

I have problems with kidney stones so this wasn’t something new, other than being in to hospital twice on the same day. Well, I was checked out, pumped full of painkillers, & sent home, where I believe I slept for almost 3 days straight.

Now lets fast forward to the beginning of the next week. I was feeling really good & then….boom! I was hit by a stomach virus. Took me several days to get over that one & still not fully recovered, but in all that time all I wanted to do was finish the review for Stop the Germs!

I thought to myself that if I could move pieces of myself around I could get better quicker. Unfortunately that isn’t how us humans can recover. So now lets get on with the review. Let me introduce to you from designer Jeremy Peet comes Stop the Germs! a hex tile game for 2-players.

Each player will start off the game with an equal amount of game tiles. Each player will receive ten germ tiles, then the nine special tiles are placed face-down on the table & each player will drawn three of the special tiles. The remaining three special tiles are removed from the game. The start tile will then be set on the center of the table.

The first player will place a germ tile face up next to the start tile, single germ up. The second player will also do the same thing.

When placing a germ tile  into play, players must place the tile adjacent to at least one other tile with the single germ side face up. Before a player places their tile they may look at the underside of their single germ tile to see what it’s value is. However, once played a player may not look at the underside of the tile. Also germs may not be played & flipped on the same turn unless a special tile forces the action.

After placing a tile, that player may then flip one of their germ tiles over to it’s higher value side.Once it is flipped it may not be flipped again unless a special tile forces the action.

Players may also move one of their germ tiles. In order to move the germ tile a player will slide the tile to any spot on the board as long as it is adjacent to one of their tiles. A tile cannot be moved if other tiles are preventing it  from sliding.Moving a tile may never cause an empty space that create separate groups of tiles.

Players can also place or play special tiles. To play a special tile, the current play will announce the chosen tile & resolve its ability. Depending on what color type the special tile is, it will either stay on the board or will resolve & discarded. Each of the special tiles have a one time use.

If tiles do get separated from the main group started by the “Start Tile”, the opponent of the player that caused the separation will immediately join the group back together by moving a tile or tiles in a single direction until at least one adjacent surface is touching.

When a player places or plays their last Germ tile then game ends immediately.Any unplayed tiles are discarded & not counted in scoring. Each player will add up the scores from their tiles including the special tiles that may effect scoring. The player with the highest score wins the game.

I do like a good two player game & this one is pretty fun. There are so many different actions that can be taken during a players. Stop the Germs! is a light strategy hex game that will keep players on edge as to what their opponent is going to do.

This is definitely a quick game that all players of all ages is going to find fun.

Stop the Germs! will be up on Kickstarter on September 6th, 2016. Look for it here: Stop the Germs.

So lets make sure to wash our hands, keep some hand sanitizer handy, & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW