I love our digital age of gaming. For many, many years the gaming industry has been building up a major list of unique board games. As technology gets better & software gets easier to develop we are seeing an uptick of popular games coming to iOS, Android, & PC platforms.

Now I have owned a smart phone for about six years & have gathered a rather large library of games. I own a lot of board games that have been put out for Android & for Steam. But I tend to levitate towards card games.

I’m a lover of Star Realms, which I play daily, & now Paperback since it came to Android last week. Now I have Red 7 from Silver Bullet Games to play around with.

Now I have to be honest. When I first played the physical card game from Asmadi Games I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. Why? Well, we were playing with fours players & one of those was what we call in the industry an “elitist” gamer. This player each turn would announce that he won before ever turn. It was a terrible way to learn a new card game that is so quick & really easy to play.

So when I got the opportunity to sit down & play Red 7 on my phone I was kind of happy. Now I can match wits with a few computer opponents that won’t treat each other or myself badly.

Okay now Red 7 is a crazy fast card game that anyone can lose even at the first play of a card. Red 7 comes with a deck of forty-nine cards. Each card will have a color & a number from one to seven. It can be played by two to four players in a matter of five to ten minutes.

At the beginning of the game each player will receive a hand of seven cards. One card will be dealt from the deck to determine the first rule. The rule of play is determined by the color of the card. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, & violet.

Once the rule is determined the first player will play a card from their hand to their palette, these are the cards being played in front of that player.

So an example of play, in a three player game, would be if the rule is highest card. The first player lays a five on the table, that means that player is currently winning the game. The next player then plays a six, this player is now winning. If the third player can’t play a seven then they lose that round. However, if they play a seven then they are winning now.

Additionally at anytime a player is winning during their turn, that player may change the rule before ending their turn by discarding a card to the Canvas. That player must be winning at the end of their turn to continue playing.

If there is a tie on winning cards then players will look at the color of the highest number card in each players Palette to determine who is winning.

The digital app has a great tutorial that explains every single detail that you will need to know to play the game. The app allows you to register in game so you can challenge friends. This is a great way to play friends that no longer live close enough to join in on a gaming session.

The app also features a pass & play option that allows you to play the game with friends that are with you. Now the app also features different modes where you can play the advance rules, which you really need to make sure you understand how to play Red 7 before you play the advance rules. There is also a forty pint feature where first player to forty points wins. Silver Bullet Games also added the action option in mode play. Actions are added onto the cards. And the best thing overall is that you can combine all of these modes to play one wild game of Red 7.

Red 7 is a fairly inexpensive game at only $2.99 on Google Play & iTunes.

I am going to continue to play Red 7 against the computer until I am sure I have all the rules down pat.

Overall I give this app a 3.5 out of 5. The Red 7 app was well thought out, it has a simple UI, & is easy to learn. It isn’t colorblind friendly, which I know several people that are, so they can’t simply play this game. But it is a quick & easy game that you can start up & kill plenty of time with.

So let’s get ready to change some rules & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW