I love a game that could take hours to play. Especially those games like Twilight Imperium III or Space Empires 4X. These games make you think about building armies & reaching a specific goal. But there are times when I just want to sit & play some of those wonderful filler games out there.

Believe me when I tell you that I am well verse in filler games. I own dozens upon dozens of games that take five to ten minutes to play. None of which however are large box games. Most of the filler games I have can fit in a pocket or a dozen can be thrown into a small container.

Coming to Kickstarter this Tuesday Nov. 1st, will be 5-Minute Dungeon from Wiggles 3D. 5-Minute Dungeon is designed by Connor Reid with art done by Alex Diochon.

5-Minute Dungeon is a fantasy, cooperative card game for two to five players. Play time can take anywhere from five to thirty minutes to play & can be played by players eight years of age & to adult.

Setting the game up is easy. Each player will decide on which of the ten heroes they will play as. Players will take the player mat & player deck that represent their character & place them in front of them. Each player will shuffle their character deck & draw a number of cards to hand from their deck. Player hand size is dependent on how many people are playing the game. In a 2-player game, players will shuffle two character decks together.

Players will then start with the Baby Barbarian boss mat. This is the first boss they will be facing in the dungeon. The boss mat will be placed in the center of play. Twenty door cards & two challenge cards per each player will get shuffled together & placed on top of the boss mat.


It is recommended that players download the 5-Minute Dungeon timer app, which can be found on iOS & Android. This is so the game can be paused & restarted with the touch of a button.

The timer starts as soon as the first card is flipped over on the boss mat.


There are several ways to deal with the cards in the dungeon. One way of defeating a door card is playing resource cards that match the symbols on the flipped door card. This is a cooperative game so cards from different players can be played on the door card to defeat it. Cards that are used to defeat door cards are to be put out of play & not put into a players discard pile.


The second way to get rid of a door card is to use action cards. Like resource cards, action cards are put out of play when the door is defeated.

Finally players can use the special abilities listed on their character mats. In order for a player to use their character’s special ability, they will need to discard three cards from their hand to their discard pile. They also must announce to their party that they are going to use this ability.

So a few other things to mention about 5-Minute Dungeon. Any time a player discards or plays a card, they are to refill their hand back to whatever starting hand size they began the game with. If at any time a player has more cards in hand than what they started with, they are to hold off on drawing cards until they fall back under that starting hand size.

Also if a player runs out of cards in both their deck & discard pile, they will have to wait until a challenge card directs players to trade hands, refill their draw pile, draw from their discard pile.


If everything goes right, then after the Baby Barbarian is defeated, players will move on to the next dungeon boss. Basically everything will reset with each new boss that appears in the next dungeon. If things go well, then players will be able to defeat all the bosses in thirty minutes.

The downside to 5-Minute Dungeon is how easy it can be to lose. Players can lose if they do not defeat the boss in the 5 minutes they are given on the app. If all players run out of cards then the game will end. And finally if the entire party can not match symbols, use action cards, or use their heroes ability, then the game is over.

5-Minute Dungeon is a masterful card version of a dungeon crawl. One fact that I will throw out there is that there is plenty of room to expand this game in the future. I do hope that this is something that is in the works.

This game is super easy to learn & to play. It has a great real-time feel. Plus it is a really good filler to start off with, play in between games, or just to end the night off with.

The Kickstarter kicks off on November 1st: 5-Minute Dungeon

Let’s take that five minutes & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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