Welcome to the Free City of Temmen. King Dalian, the ruler of Temmen, has called for the eradication of the Briarlights. The Briarlights are deadly monsters that live in the nearby Alderswamps. The most prestigious guildhall will be awarded a Royal Warrant from King Dalian.

In Guild Masters each player takes on the leadership of one of the guilds in the Free City of Temmen. As players compete for the King’s favor, they will craft items & recruit members to the guild.

Let me introduce to you Guild Masters from designer Matthew Austin & publisher Mirror Box Games. Guild Masters is for two to five players, ages fourteen years to adult, & may take around an hour to two hours to play. Guild November 17th, 2016.

Setup will start with the main game board in the center of play. Then take & shuffle the hall deck. Once shuffled, draw two cards plus an amount of cards equal to the number of players. Place these cards next to the game board.

Cards such as workers & quests will be shuffled & drawn out by a number of cards from a scale of how many players are in the game. Quests will be separated by ages I & II. The end of Age I will come when the King’s Herald appears & the game will end when the King is drawn at the end of Age II.

Resources will be added to their proper spots on the game board. The number of resources are also dependent on how many players are in the game. Then Chambers will be added to the board. Treasure cards will need to be shuffled & added to the game board.


After the main board is set, the Guild cards will need to be shuffled & dealt to each player. Players will then take their guild’s item sold markers & a reference card. Then each player will receive the starting bonus for their guild. Each player will receive an amount of coins according to a chart.



During a player’s turn they will be able to choose one action to take: Gather, Craft, or Upgrade.

When a player uses the gathering action, they will take three resources of the same type or two different resources of a different type. Resources like magic or gems can not be gathered until a player builds the proper room in their guild. If a player exceeds their storage limit, they must discard resources until they reach their maximum limit.

Players also have the option to choose a quest & craft an item to complete the quest. There will be quest cards on the game board that will wither have one or two items that can be crafted to half complete or fully complete.

When a player crafts an item on the card the player will pay the proper resources shown on the quest card & then take an amount of coins equal to that item’s value. If, for some reason, a player can only craft one of the two items on a quest card, they will place their sold marker token on the crafted item. The quest card will remain on the board for that player or another player to complete later on. If a player runs out of sold marker tokens, they may not craft an item on a two item quest card.

After completing a quest, the player completing that quest will draw the treasure cards equal to the amount of treasure cards listed on the quest. Then that player will place the quest card in their guild.


If two players complete a quest, the first player to craft an item on the quest will place the quest card in their guild. The first player that crafts an item on the quest will also take one of the treasure cards listed on the quest. The second player will draw the remain treasure. Any player with a sold marker on a quest will receive their marker back after the quest is completed.

The third option a player has on their turn is to make an upgrade to their guild. They may purchase up to one room & higher a worker. A player may purchase a room that they do not yet own. A draw back in a two player game is that both players may not build the gem or magic room.


Finally before ending a turn players may play any amount of treasure cards they have, which they can play at any time during their turn. Once actions have been taken & treasures played, they will end their turn. If, at the end of turn, a player has more treasure cards in their hand than their limit allows, then that player must sell treasures down to their limit.

During a player’s last turn they may make an offering to the King instead of taking an action. To do so, they will place one of their sold markers on the King’s card. They will score an additional points for their remaining coins & resources.


Once the King is drawn in Age II, this will trigger the end of game. Each player will take one more turn, including the player that drew the King. Once every player has finished their remaining turn, scoring will commence.

The player with the most points wins the game.

As we speak Guild Masters from Mirror Box Games is on Kickstarter: Guild Masters.

All pictures that I have posted are just of the production version. So things like art, coins, & game board will evolve as things progress.

I do like this game. Once players get rolling off of the first turn, this game will go very quickly. There are a few balancing issues with the production version, but all that will be worked out.

Guild Masters is a great example of what a resource & hand management game is all about. Their are a ton of choices to be made as you have to decide to gather more resources or to craft something.

Building onto the guild is especially fun. It allows you to immerse yourself into the roll of the guild master by recruiting new workers & adding new rooms that give bonuses to scoring.

Get ready to build on to your guild & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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