Way back in April this year I did a review on an awesome game called Bloc by Bloc from Out of Order Games. Bloc by Bloc was successfull funded as a Kickstarter project & will now be making it’s way to board game stores & to Amazon on November 15th.

Bloc by Bloc is from designers Tim Simons & Rocket Lee. It can be played by two to four players, ages fourteen to adult, & it may take anywhere from two to three hours to play.

At first I found the setup to be a little intimidating but after a minute or two I figured it all out. When I started playing I was completely blown away with the way the game plays. Bloc by Bloc is a cooperative strategy game where players take on the role of different organizations. These organizations will take to the streets to try to take on “The Establishment” by organizing peaceful demonstrations or by rioting in the streets.

This game has a wonderful strategic feel. Each group has to work together to block & try to topple the Establishment. It’s a must that players work together, but in the end, if everything goes right for the organized groups the players will win. There is a hidden aspect to the game. Each player will receive a secret agenda at the beginning of the game. When the game ends one or more players could actually share in the victory.

Expect your first game to be a “learning” game. I recommend taking your time in setup & in learning the different strategies. Bloc by Bloc is a fantastic game & perfect for those that like a nice meaty strategy game.


(Artwork shown is done by artist & game designer Tim Simons)

-Christopher Richter

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