After being a small cog in this huge machine we call gaming, I have learned a lot of things from working in the industry, going to game night, or attending conventions. I have many things still to learn & I except that. The things that I have learned I do like to pass on.

One of the many things I have learned is how to carry games to & from game night or game conventions.

I have friends that will carry totes, use small moving carts, or carry arm fulls of board games. Sometimes this has resulted in several trips to their vehicle or to their hotel room. Yes, this can get tedious, but these are the things we need to combat when enjoying games with others.

So this has forced several companies to come up with some great ideas for moving your games back & forth.  Some of these products are tote bags that will hold anywhere from forty to fifty pounds, other cases will carry an array of card games, & if you are a gamer that can’t decide on what you want to play & you would like to take a chunk of your collection then you could allows purchase a canvas utility wagon.

My friend, John Wrot, of Gate Keeper Games has a series of canvas game bags with some awesome Meeple artwork. I have the “flip the board” version of the bag. These canvas bags can hold up to forty pounds of gaming pleasure because of the reinforced base & handles. The bags are 15″x 13″x 10″ in size & they start out at a low price of $10.99. You can find them here: Gate Keeper Games Amazon Store.


Another carrying implement that I have used is the Quiver Time game case. I received the Quiver about a month before Origins Game Fair this past summer. It was one of the coolest carrying cases I have ever had. I was able to carry nine card games with me. It will hold around a thousand cards. So great for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, & Cards Against Humanity. It’s available here: Quiver Time game case for $39.99. It seems expensive but it is leather bound with super sturdy walls.

If you are like many of the gamers that I know & have a bunch of games you want to tow around then I suggest a folding canvas wagon. These big, bad game carrying wagons can run a pretty penny, or the cost of an awesome new game, as they can run anywhere from $60 to $80. They can be found at a variety of sporting good & online stores.

Currently on Kickstarter there is a massive game bag called the “Con Carrier”. It is made from non-woven 120g fabric. It’s 27.5″ H x 23.5″ W x 13″ thick, so it is a big bag. The Con Carrier has a nice wide strap for either throwing over the should or messenger style. The Kickstarter project, which is being run by Everything Epic Games, are best known for the game franchise “Secrets of the Lost Tomb”. This awesome game carrier, which can carry up to fifty pounds of gaming delight, starts out at an epic low price of $15 for one but the more you buy, the lower the price gets. You can jump onto the Kickstarter project here: Con Carrier. Backers should start receiving their bag sometime in March of 2017.


Of course there are many other bags, totes, rolling boxes, crates, & whatnot. I’ve even seen people use duffel bags strapped to a hand trolley. These are just a few options that can cost a few dollars to keep game boxes safe & clean. Some of these might even be great Christmas ideas.

Try to take what you can & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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