Okay, I know I’m about two months behind on my Star Trek Attack Wing review of Orassin. It has been a very busy few months. So now I’m trying to catch up with some Star Trek Attack Wing from Wizkids & NECA.

Since moving to Florida last year I have felt a void by just running Star Trek Attack Wing games at home either solo or with one of my folks. Where I live now, there isn’t much of an Attack Wing scene. So I do miss out playing in a large group vying for a cool new set of ship cards or a new ship at the end of a story line run.

If you are like me, then you are catching up with the craziness that what Wizkids has done with the wave lineup of Star Trek Attack Wing. I know when they changed it early this year it totally messed up how I collect the ships. But getting caught in the flow with newer ships has been quite easy since a lot of older ships are being re-released with repaints.

So let me get in to the nitty-gritty with the Xindi Insectoid Starship, the Orassin.

I’m not a huge fan of Enterprise. I felt as if the characters weren’t used right & that the story line for Enterprise was too rushed. But I did like the war between Earth & the Xindi. The Xindi ships & species kind of remind me of something out of Babylon 5, which I was a huge fan of.

The Xindi starship Orassin, at a low cost of 20SP, is a good compliment to a Xindi build. The named Orassin starship has one more shield & one additional tech slot than the generic Xindi Insectoid starship. The Orassin allows the player to spend a target lock token during the modify attack dice step to convert a regular hit into a critical hit.


The captain that is included with the Orassin is the Insectoid Councilor. The Councilor has a cost of 4SP with a captain skill of 7. The Councilor has the action where during the modify defense dice step, the player may cancel one of the opponent’s evade results. However this results in one damage to the hull of the ship that the Councilor is on.

With the Insectoid Councilor having one Elite Talent slot he will be able to add one of the two talents that come with this expansion.

The first of which is Thalen. Thalen allows one extra weapons slot to be added onto the ship. Normally Thalen costs 5SP to play. If Thalen is added to a Xindi ship it cost 2SP less. Thalen also gives a added 1 to the attack roll of a secondary weapon up to a max of six attack dice.

The second elite talent is Xindi Council. Xindi Council cost 4SP. The player will place one mission token for each damage the ship takes up to a maximum a four token. When attacking or defending, the player may discard Xindi Council to re-roll a number of die equal to the number of mission tokens placed on Xindi Council. Xindi Council may only be placed a a ship with a Xindi Captain.

The only character upgrade added included in the Orassin expansion is Insectoid Raiding Party (I believe almost ever faction in STAW has a raiding party now). Insectoid Raiding Party can be placed for 3SP. It does cost an additional five for any ship that isn’t a Xindi  ship. The Insectoid Raiding Party has an action that can be taken. This action, if the ship is not cloaked, allows a player to disable the ship’s remaining shields & target a ship at range 1-2 that is not cloaked & has no active shields. Then discard Insectoid Raiding Party to discard an upgrade of cost 5SP or less from the targeted ship. No ship can contain more than one Insectoid Raiding Party.

The choice of weaponry is pretty good with two weapon upgrades added to the this expansion. The choices are Pulse-Firing Particle Cannon at 4SP & Xindi Torpedoes at 2SP.

The Pulse-Firing Particle Cannon can be disabled to perform an attack action. This weapon may only be fired from the front firing arc. Pulse-Firing Particle Cannon can fire at a ship in a range of 1-3 with three attack dice. If Pulse-Firing Particle Cannon hits, then the player may immediately make a second attack against the same ship with one less attack die. The second time a player attacks, the defending player rolls one less defense die.

Now the Xindi Torpedoes are a great value for the 2SP price. A player can spend a target lock &  place three time tokens on the ship to perform the attack action on the Xindi Torpedoes. The Xindi Torpedoes can only be fired from the forward firing arc of the ship it is on. The attacking player rolls four attack dice at the target locked ship in a range of 2-3.

With both the generic & the named Orassin ship having a tech slot, a player can purchase Hatchery at a cost of 2SP. The Hatchery card allows for an additional character upgrade to be placed on the ship. The Hatchery is a card that is active during the Gather Forces Step at the beginning of the game. The player may add one Xindi character upgrade face-down underneath the Hatchery. When another character upgrade is discard, Hatchery also gets discarded. The card underneath is turned face-up  & deployed to the ship. This upgrade may only be purchased for a Xindi ship & only one Hatchery per ship.

As per usually this expansion comes with a generic ship card, a generic captain, & a mission overview card.

I have yet to play any of the Xindi faction but I have always heard good things. In this set I do like how cheap the torpedoes are & I really enjoy the Hatchery. The Hatchery is good just because the ship itself doesn’t come with that needed character upgrade.

I’m definitely grabbing a copy of this ship & maybe, just maybe I’ll do a Xindi build.

Let’s boldly go where no one has gone before & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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