I’m going to continue my journey through the Alpha Quadrant & Star Trek’s past with the review of the newest Xindi starship from Neca/Wizkids.

Last week I posted my review of Star Trek Attack Wing’s wave 27 Xindi starship the Orassin. I figure since Wizkids has just released information on wave 28, which starts releasing in January, I would help by sharing the information on the newest Xindi startship, the Calindra.

So here we are with the continuing war between the Earth & the Xindi. The Calindra just happens to be a really nice looking Xindi Aquatic Cruiser that has some major firepower & a really strong hull. The cost, however, for the named Calindra ship is high at 28SP but pretty low for a powerful ship.


The Calindra comes with three tech slots, one weapons slot, & one crew upgrade slot. This will change with the generic Xindi Aquatic Cruiser. The generic version will probably be a cost of 26SP, the stats being slightly lower, & some of the upgrade slots will not be included.

The power of the Calindra is definitely on the right side for defending the ship. The power allows the player, during the modify defense dice step, the ability to discard a blue target lock token from beside the ship. This allows the player to re-roll all of the defense dice.

There are two Xindi captains that are included with this expansion. Captain Kiaphet Amman’Sor is much needed to help this ship. Captain Kiaphet Amman’Sor costs 3SP, has a moderate captain’s skill of four, & has one Elite Talent slot. His action gives the player the ability to, while defending that round, a plus one defense die. In addition Kiaphet, if on a Xindi ship, will also give the ship an additional plus one attack die during the same round.

The second captain is the Aquatic Council. It can be purchased for 1SP & only has a captain’s skill of two. This is by far a really cheap yet very effective defensive captain. The Aquatic Council gives the ability to convert a battle stations result to an evade result.

One elite talent is included in this set & it is a nasty one. Retaliation cost 5SP to add to an elite talent slot. It allows the player to discard it when another ship in the fleet is destroyed. This allows the player to then commence an attack at minus one attack die. This attack can be in addition to the normal ship attack. If there isn’t a ship within range of the attack, then the player may add a mission token to Retaliation. During the next attack the player may discard Retaliation to add plus three attack dice.

The Xindi weapon of choice for the Calindra expansion are Xindi Torpedoes. Xindi Torpedoes, like many other torpedoes, cost 3P, have a range 2-3, & rolls four attack die. However, if fired from a Xindi Aquatic Cruiser it receives a plus one attack die.


Raijin happens to be the only crew upgrade included in this expansion. For a cost of 4SP she can be of great use. In order to you her, she must be discarded. Her action allows a player to target a ship at range 1-3. On the target ship place two time tokens on one upgrade. Using her action can really hurt an opponent, especially if Raijin is able to target a powerful upgrade.

So now I’m getting to the three tech cards that are included in the Calindra expansion. Let’s start with Trellium-D. Trellium-D receives two mission tokens when the game starts. During the “Compare Results” step the player controlling Trllium-D may remove up to two of the mission tokens to cancel a hit or a critical hit result for each mission token removed. Not bad for a piece of tech the costs 4SP. If placed on a ship other than a Xindi ship it’ll cost an additional 4SP & no more than one Trellium-D per ship.

The second tech card in this expansion is the Bio-Metric Hologram tech upgrade. For a high price of 5SP it can be added to a Xindi ship. While attacking, a player can discard Bio-Metric Hologram to add plus two attack dice to the attack roll. If the attack hits, disable all upgrades of the defending ship. Only one Bio-Metric Holograms per ship & can only be used with a Xindi ship.

The third & final tech upgrade provided in this expansion is a Subspace Vortex, thankfully not a real one. Subspace Vortex is yet another high cost tech upgrade at 5SP. As an action the player may discard Subspace Vortex to do another four, five, or six forward maneuver. After moving, place an auxiliary token beside the ship. Subspace Vortex costs an extra 5SP for being purchased for another ship.

Like most of the other expansions in Star Trek Attack Wing the Calindra will come include a Mission Overview card & a generic captain.

Okay, my thoughts….the Calindra is a mighty ship with the right combination of cards. I’m not sure about some of the cards that are included with this expansion. Don’t get me wrong, most of the upgrades are good. The one I really don’t care for is Subspace Vortex. It is just too expensive for just a one time use tech. Although it is probably best in using it alongside Retaliation.

I will say that Calindra will make for a wonderful addition to any Xindi build be it Aquatic or Insectoid.

So let’s boldly go where no one has gone before & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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