Several weeks ago I was introduced to a very intriguing racing card game called Turbo Drift. Now I have played racing board games & racing video games but never have I ever played a racing card game.

Now Turbo Drift is a two to four player game, for racers ages eight to adult, & may take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes to play. Turbo Draft is the first published game by designer Rob Cramer & artist Mark Boardman. Turbo Drift will be making it’s way to Kickstarter on January 3rd. This will be one of several games coming in January to Kickstarter from micro game publisher Button Shy Games.

In Turbo Drift players will try to make their way through a race course filled full of barriers & boosters to the finish line by drafting sets of path cards.

At the beginning of the game players will pick the card that they want to play as. Cards have an “A” & “B” side (this will be important later on). The first player will be given the traffic light card (first player marker) & the boost card.


After the barriers are placed on the table marking the way to the finish line, players will line up their vehicles getting ready for the race. The path cards are to be shuffled & laid out in a 2X3 grid off to the side of the raceway.


The first player will start the game by picking one, two, or three of the path cards to be played. If a player picks one card then they may place the first player marker in front of any player, including placing it back in front of them.

If a player chooses to pick two cards then they must pick a row of two cards from the available three rows.

And if they decide to pick & play three cards then they must pick from the two columns of three cards.

Once the current player decides on what cards they want to play they will move on to placing those cards. First they will mark their car movement with the boost card by placing in directly behind their car. They will then remove their card from play & begin placing their path cards in any order on the boost. As long as path doesn’t force the car to cross over a barrier or another car then it becomes a legal move.

If a path card crosses over a boost space on a barrier card then the boost card is removed from the back of the path & placed on the last path card placed. This gives the car an additional boost. If there were any remaining path cards that needed to be placed on the car’s path then the player may place them.

If at any time a path card crosses a barrier or another car then that player may not continuing placing. They must stop at the last legally placed path card. If at any time a player starts a turn where their car is stuck they may put their car in reverse. A player may reverse by placing a path card behind their card instead of using their boost card.

Once per game a player may choose to play all the path cards, this is referred to as using “nitro”. That current player shuffles all of the path cards. They will then place one path card at a time. Before looking at their next path card they may stop their turn. If at any time a car or a path ends up crossing a barrier or a car during a nitro then that player crashes & immediately loses the game.

Once a player is finished laying their path cards during their turn, they will flip their car over to it’s alternate side. This represents that the car has already taken it’s turn. The player will then flip over the path cards that they took & place them back in any order. The boost card is then passed to the next player in a clockwise manner.

Play will continue until someone crosses the finish line with either a car or a path card.


I will definitely say that this is a very unique card game. Very different from what I normally play. The uniqueness lies in the drafting of the path cards because when it comes to your turn you have to make that simple yet difficult decision on if you want to grab one card just to flip it over & take another turn or to just go for it.

A player could end up going all in & hitting the nitro button drafting all of the cards & blindly head for the finish line. I mean what is the worse that could happen? Yeah, I know crashing & burning your car & losing the game doesn’t sound like too much fun, but think about the rush of adrenaline it would give the player just to push their luck.

Another awesome game in the long line of awesome games from Button Shy Games. I think Rob Cramer did a great job designing a perfectly unique micro racing card game. So look for it here on Kickstarter on January 3rd: Turbo Drift.

Here’s to a happy New Year. Let’s keep an eye on the course & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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