I love the Star Trek Mirror Universe & one of my top twenty Star Trek Next Generation episodes is “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. If you are not familiar with Yesterday’s Enterprise then let me drop some Star Trek knowledge on you.

The episode starts out with Guinan introducing Worf to prune juice, which he now considers a warriors drink. Worf is then called to the bridge when the bridge crew basically runs into a tear in time.

A ship then appears from the tear & the whole of current time & space changes. The once deceased Tasha Yar is now back on the bridge. She scans the vessel that is now in front of them. The ship scans as the Enterprise NCC-1701C.

The Enterprise C is severely damaged & is sending out a distress signal. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is very wary about contacting the Enterprise C. But he does allow a small team to beam aboard for assistance.

As the episode progresses Guinan figures out that this is not the exact timeline that the current Enterprise D should be in. She lets Captain Picard know what she has figured out. The only way to change things back is to send the Enterprise C back through the time rift.

As they prepare to send the Enterprise C back, their captain, Rachel Garrett dies. This puts the helmsman, Richard Castillo, in charge.

Knowing that she isn’t supposed to be in this current timeline Tasha Yar makes the decision & joins the crew of the Enterprise C to help out. Tasha & the rest of the crew of the Enterprise C makes it through the rift & reverts the timeline back to what it was before the Enterprise D encountered the Enterprise C.

There is a little info behind the episode without giving too much away. Now on to what Wizkids has done for this next event. At this time all the cards shown either show little to no information so some of this is just speculative.


In “Yesterday’s Enterprise” event there will be ten Senior Staff resource cards & three Enterprise D/ Galaxy-class Starship card packs. It looks like eight cards will be included within the card packs.

What I know right now is that there will be a Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He will cost 5SP, have an elite trait, & have a Captain skill of eight. He also cuts the cost of the ship his is on by two & each upgrade purchased for that ship costs one less up to a max of five.

Next we see a zero cost generic captain card. I guess even the event packs come with a generic captain. A Federation Tasha Yar crew upgrade will finally debut for this pack. Not much is known yet at what her card does. We do know that she will cost 4SP to place on a ship.

There will also be a tech upgrade of a Transporter card. This can be purchased for 3SP. It looks like Transporter will be one of those cards where a player can discard it & target a ship at range 1-3 & disable & transport probably a crew upgrade from one ship to another. Maybe this one will be somewhat like the Escape Transporter from the Sakhorav shuttle expansion.

Also included in this pack will be the elite upgrade of Dispersal Pattern Sierra. Not sure what it does or how much it’ll cost.

Also included will be a new Enterprise D & a generic Galaxy-class starship card. Again Wizkids hasn’t released all the information on these cards so the cost & stats of these ships is currently unavailable.

The final card I am complete unclear at what it is. I’m guessing that it is  a secondary weapon, probably some sort of phaser fire.

I can’t wait to play this scenario. It basically reflects the entire plot of the Next Generation episode. It’ll be interesting to see what the instructions are for playing this one.

I do hope that we get to see more of the cards for this monthly OP as we get closer to seeing this event played. And as more information comes in I will be sure to update what comes in the card pack. And where is my “Worf’s Prune Juice” card?

Let’s boldly go where no one has gone before & game on!

*Images borrowed from the Wizkids’ Star Trek Attack Wing website*

-Christopher Richter

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