Have you ever been disturbed late at night by the sounds of metal or large plastic trash cans hitting the ground? Have you ever been out late at night & seen the glint of light from the reflective eyes of animals in the dark? Well, if you have then you have obviously seen first hand a trash panda. You know, those scavenging rascals we call little thieves, raccoons.

Coming to Indiegogo on January 11th, 2017 will be Michael & Lisa Eskue’s newest game, Trash Pandas. In Trash Pandas players will take on the persona of those raucous raccoons. Trash Pandas is for two to four players, ages twelve to adult, & may take fifteen to twenty-five minutes to play.

The components are pretty straight forward. Trash Pandas comes with fifty-four cards, one custom die, & six tokens. Within the fifty-four cards are eight different types of cards. Each one of those types has a different action & a different point value.

Each player will receive a card based on the position of the player in the turn order. For example, the first player will receive one card while the second player receives two. The first player will also receive the custom die to start off the game.

The first player will start off the game by rolling the custom die. Once rolled the player will collect the token shown on the die. That player then has a decision to make to either continue rolling & pressing their luck or stopping right there & resolving the tokens that they had collected.


If the current player decides to press on & roll the die then they will keep collecting tokens until they either stop after rolling or until the bust. A player will bust when they end up rolling the same token face as they had already collected. If a player busts then they lose all tokens they have collected. They will end up drawing one card as consolation.

If a player does decide to stop after rolling then they will resolve any tokens they have received during their turn. They may resolve these tokens in any order. A player may also play cards during this phase. They do this by setting aside any cards they plan on using during the resolution phase.

If a player really wants to press their luck, they can continue rolling until (without busting) & collect all six tokens. If a player is able to do that then they will resolve all six tokens & take another turn. They may then continue to press on. That player may on collect a maximum of three additional tokens, as long as they don’t bust on their additional turn.

Each token they resolve will have an action that can be taken:


The trash can or tree allows players to either draw a card or stash a card.

Two trash cans allows a player to draw two cards.

The raccoon claw allows a player to steal a card from another player’s hand.

Two trees allows a player to stash two cards.

The recycle symbol allows a player to trade in an unused token for another token that was not taken.

On top of that the bandit’s mask card allows a player to draw a card. All other players may stash a card. The active player may then draw a card for each card stashed this way.

Through the game players will be able to use tokens to draw or stash cards, steal from another player, or recycle unused tokens. Players will also have the opportunity to reverse or stop opponents from stealing cards.

This will continue until the last card in the stack is drawn. The player who draws the last card will finish out their turn. Once they finish their turn players will reveal what they have stashed away.

The player with the most of one type of card will receive the first place point value, the player with the second most will receive the second place point value, & the player with the third place will obviously receive the third place value. If there is a tie, players will each receive the place value minus one. As a bonus, any Blammo! cards that were stashed away are worth one point.

The player with the most points will win the game.

As card games go, Trash Pandas is pretty straight forward & simple. I don’t think anyone will have a problem learning how to play this game. Trash Pandas isn’t your typical press your luck style game though.

Players have the opportunity to stash cards to gain points. This means that players must have some sort of strategy. This strategy may be stashing multiple type of cards or trying to stash cards that are worth the most. This is where stealing from an opponent’s stashed pile becomes useful because the Bandit Mask card, if used, forces a player or players to stash cards face-up.

Also players can make sure they can combo some of their cards with some of their tokens to draw or stash multiple cards on their turn. This, of course, will whittle down the stack of cards faster.

Don’t miss out on this new Michael Eskue game. It is a quick game to learn & play. If you love a good press your luck game then this one is definitely for you. Maybe we’ll end up seeing this one on Tabletop next season.

Trash Pandas will run on Indiegogo for $15 with an early bird special of $12. MSRP will run at $20 so I recommend on grabbing it from the Indiegogo campaign. Of course there will be some interesting stretch goals, one being Trash Pandas Duel.

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Get ready to scavenge & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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