Welcome to the frigid north, where lumberjacks have beautifully, bodacious beards & bears have creatively, sculpted coiffed hair. Where do they get their hair done? Well, they go to the Yukon Salon.

In Yukon Salon two to four players will become the very stylists that will work on both lumberjack & bear.

The game of Yukon Salon will come with eighteen client cards, thirty-two style cards, four player reference cards, & two six-sided dice.

The game will scale by the number of players in the game. In a two player game, players will have nine clients to play with. In a four player it’ll scale up to sixteen clients. The number of styles each player receives at the beginning of the game will also change depending on how many players there are.

At the start of the game, four client cards will be drawn from the stack of client cards & placed face-up in the center of play. Players will draw an amount of style cards based on their player number. Finally the game will begin with the player who had recently had their hair done

On a players turn they will have two actions that they can take. They can “seat” a client, draw a style card, or style a seated client.

When a player seats a client, they take the client from the row of clients & places it in front of them. A player may only have one client in front of them at a time, so if a player attempts to style an additional client then the client already seated must go back to the client deck.

If a player needs to draw a style card as an action, they just draw a card from the top of the client deck. There is no limit to how many style cards a player may have in their hand. I always recommend that players should have at least three style cards in their repertoire.

As a third option a player may style their seated client. In order to do this a player will place either a beard on a lumberjack or a hairdo on a bear. After placing a style on a client, the values of both cards will line up, the player will roll the two d6. If the roll is equal to or greater than the sum of the values, then the client loved the style.

After winning the client over, the two cards will stay together & will move to the side of the play area. The effects & rewards will activate. These effects will be offered as extra draws, an extra action, & bonuses to rolls.  It is important to note that after rolling a player may discard style cards from their hand to boost the number they rolled.


If a player fails to roll the number they need then the style is discarded & the client stays seated in front of them. Players may make an attempt to re-roll, but they must convince the their client by talking to them.

The game will end when the last client is seated. The player that seats the last client will finish their turn & each other player will take one last turn. Players will then add the sum of the values on their clients. Then they will add up all bonuses they received from their clients & styles. These bonuses will come from lumberjack’s toques & bear’s corsages.

If there happens to be a tie then the player with the most clients wins. If there is still a tie after that then both players will share in the win. Remember, sharing is caring.

I have had a copy of Yukon Salon since Origins Game Fair 2016. I have played it from Ohio to Florida & have received the same reaction from everyone that has played it. That reaction is that Yukon Salon is a goofy & fun game to play.

Yes it is kind of odd to talk to a card to get a re-roll but who hasn’t played a goofy game? I found from the serious players that they liked the game, but didn’t want to play with the re-roll rule. So if you don’t want to use this rule then you can omit it.

Yukon Salon is a game of fun hairstyles that get goofier each time you play. I mean who hasn’t wanted to a lumberjack with a Super Saiyan style beard or a bear with a Duchess hairdo?


Although Yukon Salon can be played with two players, I recommend playing it with three or four players to have much more fun. The odder the style the funnier Yukon Salon gets.

Yukon Salon is from designer David Fooden. He has worked this game for the past few years & is finally putting up his project on Kickstarter January 24th, 2017. You can click on: Yukon Salon to back it now.

So get ready to do up some hair & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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